13 Photogenic West Coast Hikes

13 Photogenic West Coast Hikes

Dying to escape for a few days? These 13 hikes on the West Coast are prime with photo ops. 1. Weaver’s Needle on the Peralta Trail in Arizona The loop from Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle is a perfect day trip. It’s a 4.9 mile hike at an elevation of 2,400 feet. 2. The Narrows in Zion … [Continue reading]

How to Leave Room in your Travel Plans for Spontaneity

The World Awaits

Even booked tours leave a little room for taking in other sites, or doing whatever you want. Yet, when I come across people who plan out every single thing they're doing, they seem overwhelmed, exhausted, and generally seem like they're not having any fun. Now, on the opposite end of the … [Continue reading]

Keep Memories Close at Hand with a Personalized Cellphone Case (with giveaway)

personalized cellphone case

Sure, memories live in your heart, and they are personal. But, at the same time you can keep them close at hand in a form that gives you visual cues: … [Continue reading]

Book Recommendation: A Colorful Home

A Colorful Home

It's easy to make a home look like it flows, works well together, and as if it an interior designer stepped in to help you put everything together if … [Continue reading]

Vegan Maple Waffles

Vegan Maple Waffles

This recipe could easily have been called  "Canadian Waffles," but that would be a bit weird and stereotypical. Wouldn't it? I know that maple syrup … [Continue reading]

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Waffles

How to Surprise your Mom with Waffles Without Making a Mess

Breakfast in bed. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? What if it came with a mess in the kitchen included? Somehow, it's a bit less appealing! Honestly, I … [Continue reading]

Disney’s Tomorrowland: Imagine a place where nothing is impossible (With Giveaway)


If you love mysteries, adventures, and dreaming about the possibilities your life and the future of the world could hold, this movie is for you. I … [Continue reading]

Family Camping in Ontario – I’m in, Are you?

Family Camping in Ontario

Camping. Fresh air. Relaxation. Spending time with my family. It all sounds like perfection to me. I don't know about you, but for me, the start of … [Continue reading]

How to Make Healthy Food Choices the Easy Way

Healthy Food Choices

My food choices are informed by the way I live life in general: I make them consciously and with deliberate action. You’ll find me at my local … [Continue reading]

9 Must-Visit Destinations in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley

Planning a trip to the Hudson Valley? Don’t miss these destinations. 1. This small, sleepy Village of Nyack is straight out of the Victorian era. … [Continue reading]