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A Bit of a Ghost Story

I believe. I saw them, after all—dozens of them, before my very eyes! That’s right friends, I have seen ghosts! No, this wasn’t in a haunted house or in a back alley where a gruesome murder took place. Here’s the short version of the story:

I was in grade 9, so about 14 years old, and was away from home at an overnight camp in . It was a camp for members of the student council and we were taken to a wooded area with a lake (can’t remember where exactly, I just know it was secluded), near Calgary. We were teamed up, playing capture the flag in the woods, in the dark. As I was running down one particular stretch of dirt road, I saw them—right before my very eyes. . .dozens of ghosts just standing or sitting (on benches) waiting for something. It seemed like they were all waiting for a bus, perhaps. They didn’t make eye contact or move, they just sat/stood on either side of the road, waiting. I asked my best friend if she’d seen anything, but no, it seems like it was just me. There really isn’t anything more to this ghost story, but it still gives me chills thinking about it.

Was it shocking? Yes, definitely—I had been watching Unsolved Mysteries every week for year beforehand, and have always thought that ghosts seemed possible, even logical. . .it wasn’t until I saw them, though, that things really sunk in. If ghosts were real, then what else was? What about all the weird things I saw on shows like X-Files, and (now) Fringe? Where does it end?

That prickly sensation on the back of your neck, a sudden cool breeze in an otherwise warm room. . .are you thinking what I’m thinking?!

Do you believe in ghosts and have you experienced anything like I was describing?

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