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A Charming Way to Cover your Arms — CH*ARMZ

I’m against baring arms. . .at least my own. Dresses typically are available sleeveless, which used to really turn me off buying any. I’ve recently discovered that I can wear those readily-available sleeveless dresses, but still keep a bit of modesty. A cardigan is often too casual or too warm, but a shrug is the perfect way for me to wear a dress and still feel comfortable. CH*ARMZ actually has two different products that work especially well for covering up, yet keeping the overall look of the outfit.


ballerina shrug

The products from CH*ARMZ work well for both casual and dressy occasions. Comfortable, yet classy and dressy at the same time, the ballet shrug —black with silver sparkle threads—can be easily paired with a dress. I have some events coming up—apart from new year’s eve, there are also blogging/media events, where I need to leave directly from work to attend. The ballerina shrug is priced at only $28. As you can see below, this sparkly ballet shrug looks great dressed up or down:

ballet shrug from CH*ARMZ

CH*ARMZ shrug

A great way to turn your day/work outfit in to an evening one is with CH*ARMZ, because you can easily transform your outfit with just another thin layer. The attachable sleeves (priced at $28) come with their own little bag, which is easily thrown in to your bag. Worried you might be a little cold in the evening? The attachable sleeves will come in handy. You can wear them under a tank top, a dress, or a t-shirt to create a different look to your outfit or just for added warmth. The sleeves are surprisingly comfortable, and breathable—making them perfect for summertime. I can see myself using these in the summer evenings.

attachable sleeves

There is a bit of velcro on the attachable sleeves to make them easy to attach to bra straps or a tank top.


The attachable sleeves come with a little bag to put them in/store them.

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