A Musical Adventure with the Sonos System


The Sonos system is small on size but big on sound projection, as I came to know when I checked out the Sonos Play:3 and Bridge.

Small apartment, dorm room and bedroom sized musical perfection.

Connecting and setting up the Sonos Play:3 and Bridge was a snap—I just needed to plug in the Bridge to my wireless router and set the Sonos Play:3 in a corner of my main living room to get started.

I wanted maximum ease when it came to being able to select music to play, so I downloaded both the Android app for my cell phone, and the iPad app. To get myself started in the morning, I used my cell phone to start playing music on the Sonos Play:3. I actually used both my cell phone and iPad throughout the day to listen to music. I like knowing what song is coming up next, and being able to easily change it if I’d like to. 

Sonos system

I have a lot of music, but I’ve been enjoying discovering new music with the Sonos Play:3. There are SO many radio stations/web radio stations to check out. Making playlists of my own music or listening to something new? It’s been hard to decide sometimes—especially when I had friends over. What did I do? I made them choose, of course.

Sonos system

With such a small device, it might be difficult to believe that I used it exclusively for my dinner party entertainment. Don’t be fooled, though—this little Play:3 can really project sound. Played horizontally, like above, the Sonos Play:3 doesn’t take up much room, but if you want it to take up even less space, you can easily place it vertically. I could see this being used on a bar, in a dorm room, or home office. For me, it’s the perfect size for my small apartment.

If you’re looking for something a little larger, check out the Sonos Play:5. You can easily expand the system by adding more players, an amp, or a sub. Have you heard the quality of sound from a Sonos system before? 

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