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Adventures, Journeys, and Travel Tips from the Archives

Why the picture of a glass of delicious homemade iced tea? Well, that photo was taken in Calgary, in my brother’s house are few months ago—before we moved back to Vancouver and had a few interesting adventures. That’s what this post is all about—adventures, destinations, and journeys taken. 

Sipping on the sweet nectar of our memories

I’m in the beginning stages of planning a trip for my dad and I to take together—the first time we’ve done so, apart from trips to the zoo or him showing me around his own city, and I’m quite excited about the prospects. Maybe that’s also what this post is about, a bit—the prospects and possibilities that a change of location can sometimes provide you. Rather than looking back on how things could have gone this past year, I’m (trying to) look forward instead.

Can you smell the spring time in the breeze
you gotta start sipping on the sweet nectar
of your memories

-Jens Lekman


Just like studying history in school (as much as I hated it), looking at our past can help us do things differently in the future. The passing in time, in my mind is setup in chapters where major life events (understandably) start new journeys—but also, trips and vacations. Getting away from the everyday allows me to think about what I’ve done so far and where I see the rest of my life’s journey heading.

Last September, Greg and I spent the month travelling throughout the USA. One stop was to visit my dad in West Texas. In part, that trip to see him inspired me to plan our upcoming trip together. That trip, last year was before Greg and I had moved to Calgary (for less than a year), before I came to realize what I needed/wanted to do and how to get there. Turns out, surrounding yourself with people who love and support/encourage you is really important. Turns out I didn’t have a lot of people like that in my life.

Well, I raise this glass of iced tea to the future—to new adventures, journeys and to surrounding myself with winners (that sounds loser-ish, but you know what I mean).

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