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Ancient Egypt Anthology DVD

There’s almost 11 hours worth of Egyptology fun in the 6 disc Ancient Egypt Anthology set from history. If watched a disc a day, you or your children could have almost a week worth of Egypt fun and education. I’ve seen a fair amount of Egyptian artifacts in museums and galleries around the world. Despite having read a bit about each piece I’ve seen in a museum, I couldn’t really get a feel for how Egyptian history shaped the history of the rest of the world, until I watched this set of DVDs, which retails for about $50.

Although you can watch the DVDs sequentially, another way to do so would be to choose your favourite times in Egyptian history and watch those ones first. The 6 disc set shares in reenactments, conversations with experts in their fields, and narrations the  technology, religion, culture, wars and peace that unified this civilization for over 3,000 years.



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