April Showers —My Neighbour Totoro Style


When I was in , I couldn’t get away from the rain—it fell almost daily, making me very happy to see the sunshine when it appeared. The good thing about all that rain was that amount of green—in the grass, the trees and the flowers was endless. Here, however (in , a very dry city), people get very excited about the prospect of a bit of rain. The thing is, is that the rain is much more spectacular here—thunderstorms, lighting etc. Although I do miss seeing rain on the cobblestoned streets in . . .the rain doesn’t seem as pretty falling on suburban sidewalks and massive front lawns (with just grass, nothing nice like shrubberies or flowers).

totoro rain

The above Totoro is from this Tumblr blog.

If you haven’t yet seen the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro, I fear that you’re missing out. This adorable animated Japanese film stars 2 little girls who move to a new house with their dad and happen upon a giant creature and his little furry friends.

Are you already seeing May flowers?

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