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Great Sound Audiofly AF56 In-Ear Headphones

I’m pretty sure that these headphones would be the highlight of many typical gift-giving occasions, like the big one coming up—Christmas. I know several people who have new headphones on their wish-lists. With the tin that is included, you can gift these headphones in a stocking, quite easily. I’ve had many sets of in-ear headphones over the years, many of which had really poor sound quality and/or the buds kept falling out of my ears! The AF56 headphones from Audiofly don’t disappoint as far as either of those concerns go. 


There are quite a few different colours available for the AF56 model from Audiofly—Vintage White, Blue Tweed, and the one that I received, which is called Vino. You can get this model with or without the microphone attached. In my case, the headphones were without the microphone. The AF56 Vino retails for $99.

Not only do you get a great-quality pair of headphones, but a really nice round tin to keep them in, as you can see above. This makes it easy to keep the cord from getting tangled, and also works well for tossing these headphones in your bag.


What I especially love about the Audiofly AF56 in-ear headphones:

The Audioflex Cable —which makes the cord feel like it is surrounded by a smooth fabric. I find this helps with detangling. Normally, cords are a bit grippy,  which makes it difficult to untangle them.

The shape of the earbuds—there is a bit of an angle to them, so that the buds fit inside my ear well, and the fancy round bits look nice on the outside of my ears.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, I especially like the noise-cancelling abilities, and how the lower and middle registers are well-pronounced. I truly felt like I was hearing something completely different and unique when I listened to old favourite songs. There is a significant bass-boost from these headphones, as well.

My little ears really appreciated that these headphones came with a package of different-sized cushions so that you can get just the right kind of fit. I know someone who uses two different sizes of cushions, so having so many sizes to choose from is really important!


I have been using these headphones everyday since I received them—I love having them in their little round case. Who would I buy these headphones for? Well, If I had enough money—everyone on my list.

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