Studied Interior Design in college and Art History and First Nations Studies in university. She is passionate about gadgets, video games and technology, loves pouring over interior design magazines and blogs, and is an avid traveller. Tazim Damji

Customize your Self-Care with a Custom Blending Kit (With Giveaway)

Self-care is something I've talked about a few times on this blog. It's something I practice everyday, no matter how busy I am. I use diffusers to scent the air with my favourite essential oils or blends, I have baths at least twice a week (except during the summer months), and I give myself hand and foot massages whenever I remember to. Instead of using someone else's idea of what I should have in my bath water or use for massages, I prefer to DIY my blend using Escents' Custom Blending Kit. … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Add Colouring Books to your Self-Care Toolkit

As a child, I used to sit on the floor and colour in my colouring books on the coffee table most weekend mornings, if not throughout the day. I loved being able to make things whatever colours I wanted to, and the way I could so easily take something as boring as a blank page with a few outlines on it to a colourful one. Now, I still love colouring, but I use the practice in a slightly different way. Check out the list of 5 Reasons to Add Colouring Books to your Self-Care Toolkit, below: … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Style Performance Denim Jeans from Dish and Duer

Other than when I have to go to work (outside the home), I wear jeans most of the time. I prefer to just pack jeans with me when I travel, since they're thick (I imagine a barrier between myself and seats and things in public), can be dressed up or down, and are great for pretty much every occasion. The problem with most jeans is that they aren't very breathable or easy to move around in. When I heard about Dish and Duer jeans, designed here in Vancouver to be comfortable and stylish at the … [Read more...]

Dirt Devil 360 Reach Vacuum

We all have our least favourite chores. And maybe our favourite. Maybe? I, personally, don't like lugging around a heavy vacuum or using a broom to sweep up visible dirt from the tile and hardwood floors in my apartment. Somehow, using this sweet little devil of a vacuum doesn't seem like such a chore. The bright red Dirt Devil 360 Reach Vacuum tells dirt "take that" every time I use it. I also feel like I get closer to winning the battle against dust in the most fun way possible.  … [Read more...]

Art: A Visual History

As an art history major, I naturally have several art history textbooks on my shelf from my university days. Why, then was I excited to have the DK book Art: A Visual History on my bookshelf? This book has a great spot on my bookshelf, because it is so easy to understand and has such great pictures. … [Read more...]

Celebrate Loved Ones with a Fall Harvest Dinner #lifesbettertogether #Evite

During the warm months of the year, I like to go for walks with my loved ones—along the seawall, in forested parks, and on hiking trails—but when it starts to get colder out, I like to have them close-by as we enjoy a meal together. Rather than go out to a crowded restaurant, I prefer to put something together in my home and relax while I enjoy the company of my friends and family. To me, fall is all about relaxing, enjoying the abundance of nature, and celebrating with gratitude for the loved … [Read more...]

Top 10 Daytime Date Ideas

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OilChange #CollectiveBias Maybe taking your vehicle in for an #OilChange doesn't seem like the most romantic or fun errand for you and your partner to participate in, but it's one of those things that is necessary to do for your vehicle's health and maintenance. The time spent waiting for the oil change could be "wasted" looking at your mobile phone or on social media—or made more … [Read more...]

Nature’s Path Celebrates Organic Week (Plus $100 Gift Box Giveaway Canada/US)

For Nature's Path, every week is Organic Week. Their products, which range from Qi'a Superfoods Bars; to delicious cereal (for children and adults alike); to my very favourite granola bars, are all organic. I recently received a mega package of organic yumminess from Nature's Path—featuring a sampling of their products along with food from other producers who they partnered with for Organic Week. To say that I was excited to open up the cardboard crate of goodies would be an understatement!  … [Read more...]

Have your own Mexican Fiesta! #Giveaway #VivaTortillas

My recent Mexican Fiesta was a huge hit. My guests enjoyed tasting the varieties of Pringles Tortillas available: Original, Zesty Ranch, and Nacho Cheese. They went well with the homemade salsa I made. I put together a couple recipes and suggested meal and decor ideas in my Mexican Fiesta post. I can't wait to recreate the Mexican Fiesta a recently put together, featuring Pringles Tortillas! It was truly delicious, colourful, and so full of flavour! I've been dreaming up party games and putting … [Read more...]

Halloween Bath Time Treats from LUSH

Halloween. For some, it's all about costumes, crazy parties, or candy. For me, it's about bath time treats from LUSH. Every year, I look forward to fall (because fall is awesome in so many ways), because I know Sparkly Pumpkins are going to be out soon. . .to make my bathtub a orange sparkly dream. I also look forward to the other delightful bath time treats for Halloween, from LUSH. I'm pretty happy that they have so many that are vegan-friendly. LUSH always takes care to properly label all … [Read more...]