Studied Interior Design in college and Art History and First Nations Studies in university. She is passionate about gadgets, video games and technology, loves pouring over interior design magazines and blogs, and is an avid traveller. Tazim Damji

How to Make Healthy Food Choices the Easy Way

Healthy Food Choices

My food choices are informed by the way I live life in general: I make them consciously and with deliberate action. You’ll find me at my local grocery store reading the backs of food packages, or selecting my favourite organic fruit and vegetables from the produce section. Knowing exactly what I’m putting in to my body is important to me. It’s been a while since I started making healthier food choices, choosing organic options—with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners—whenever … [Read more...]

9 Must-Visit Destinations in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley

Planning a trip to the Hudson Valley? Don’t miss these destinations. 1. This small, sleepy Village of Nyack is straight out of the Victorian era. Check out the cool, intriguing shops and sample local or international cuisine at one of many restaurants. Get tickets to an off-Broadway show, pop into a few galleries, and don’t miss the breathtaking view of the Hudson River. 2. Playland Amusement Park is now a historic site, but for kids growing up in the Hudson Valley, it was the best thing … [Read more...]

I Love Vegetables! Do your Clothes Make you Feel Like Yourself?

Leggings - I love Veggies

What do the clothes you wear say about you? I'm not talking about looking at someone and judging them based on the brands they wear, or how soccer-mom-y they look. Do your clothes make you feel like yourself? I had to ask myself that, as I looked through my closet and dresser not long ago. I recently went through a purge and donated all the clothes that I no longer love and make me feel both beautiful and like myself. How much of what I had didn't fit that description? Oh, about 2 garbage bags … [Read more...]

How I Failed at Making Classic Vegan Mac N’ Cheese (plus A Recipe that Turned out well)

Mac N' Cheese

Mac n' cheese. It's pretty much the quintessential quick-and-easy food memory from childhood—am I right? I learned to make mac n' cheese by myself from a pretty young age. That was great, because I liked it a certain way—a little runny, well-cooked, but not mushy, and with plenty of black pepper on top. Oh, and I had to have the packaged mac n' cheese. I know some people like using real cheese or slices of processed cheese, but those weren't for me. Other than the type and variety of cheese … [Read more...]

A Journal for Book Lovers

Well Read Women

I'm a list-loving, book-reading, day-dreaming kind of a woman. The Well-Read Women: a Reader's Journal is pretty much the perfect gift, in my eyes. Seriously, if someone had given me this book, I would think to myself: "wow, they really know me!" My favourite journals are the kind that have prompts and space to create lists. This book has many sections just like that. The majority of the journal has full pages dedicated to single books: where you put in the book title, your rating, your … [Read more...]

3 Things I’m Currently Loving: April

It's here! Q2 (April, May, June) has started! I don't know about you, but I feel like it's the time of year when I get (really) serious about working towards my bigger picture goals. Q1 (January, February, March) can feel hibernate-y, where I'm just waiting for sunshines and warmer days to arrive. Or maybe, I've been working towards my goals but not in a "go big" kind of a way. Can you relate? I recently reviewed my Q1 goals, answering questions like: what went this quarter? what were the most … [Read more...]

Vegan Vanilla Almond Cupcakes

vegan vanilla almond cupcakes

I don't make cupcakes very often—I usually prefer to eat my cake with a fork. What about you? I decided to make these Vegan Vanilla Almond Cupcakes, though, since it's Easter weekend and they're so much more shareable than cake, when there's more than just a few people. Who doesn't love finger-food? I often post pics of my food adventures on Instagram and on my Facebook page, but I don't post recipes here as often as I'd like to. I've been hearing that a lot from you all, too—post more vegan … [Read more...]

Live your Ideal Life Today! #LiveTodayChallenge


There's no room for "someday"—I'm all about instituting my favourite practices, things that bring me joy, and passions that ignite me—TODAY! Why would you want to wait to feel joyful, adventurous, relaxed, and alive? I certainly don't plan on waiting. I'm so pleased to have connected with fellow blogger Ashley from Let Your Soul Shine to bring you an Instagram challenge that will give you I totally hear you: you don't think you have enough time to focus on yourself, to have a little "me … [Read more...]

Salt Spring in the City Vancouver Event Preview

salt spring

What are you doing this weekend? You don't have to leave Vancouver to visit Salt Spring Island. Crazy, right? On March 27-29, Salt Spring in the City will bring the island’s bohemian lifestyle and fresh finds from its most awesome artisans to Vancouver’s Heritage Hall (15th and Main). From the modern to the rustic, chic to traditional — with over 30 unique brands to discover, there’s something for everyone!  … [Read more...]

Easy Vegan Food Substitutes Free Printable

vegan food substitutes

One of the most common questions I get when people find out I'm vegan (and have been for almost 14 years now), is "what do you use instead of. . .(milk, cheese, eggs, etc.)?" I sometimes take for grated that I live in Vancouver and that vegan food substitutes are easy to find in even the smallest grocery and corner stores. Not only that, but there are dedicated stores like Choices and Whole Foods that have large sections in their stores for all the vegan food my heart desires. . .beyond the … [Read more...]