Studied Interior Design in college and Art History and First Nations Studies in university. She is passionate about gadgets, video games and technology, loves pouring over interior design magazines and blogs, and is an avid traveller. Tazim Damji

Live your Ideal Life Today! #LiveTodayChallenge


There's no room for "someday"—I'm all about instituting my favourite practices, things that bring me joy, and passions that ignite me—TODAY! Why would you want to wait to feel joyful, adventurous, relaxed, and alive? I certainly don't plan on waiting. I'm so pleased to have connected with fellow blogger Ashley from Let Your Soul Shine to bring you an Instagram challenge that will give you I totally hear you: you don't think you have enough time to focus on yourself, to have a little "me … [Read more...]

Salt Spring in the City Vancouver Event Preview

salt spring

What are you doing this weekend? You don't have to leave Vancouver to visit Salt Spring Island. Crazy, right? On March 27-29, Salt Spring in the City will bring the island’s bohemian lifestyle and fresh finds from its most awesome artisans to Vancouver’s Heritage Hall (15th and Main). From the modern to the rustic, chic to traditional — with over 30 unique brands to discover, there’s something for everyone!  … [Read more...]

Easy Vegan Food Substitutes Free Printable

vegan food substitutes

One of the most common questions I get when people find out I'm vegan (and have been for almost 14 years now), is "what do you use instead of. . .(milk, cheese, eggs, etc.)?" I sometimes take for grated that I live in Vancouver and that vegan food substitutes are easy to find in even the smallest grocery and corner stores. Not only that, but there are dedicated stores like Choices and Whole Foods that have large sections in their stores for all the vegan food my heart desires. . .beyond the … [Read more...]

Boho Marks Metallic Temporary Tattoos Giveaway Open Worldwide

Boho Marks Giveaway

Hello spring! I'm so excited that it's spring, because it's a new season, fresh with no mistakes. Really, there is a freshness in the air (from all the rain we've had lately), and I can see the flowers and blossoms popping up. I'm also excited because it's my 5th blogging anniversary! I'm celebrating with a giveaway just for you plus a week-long blogging series for those of you that are bloggers, want to start a blog or blog for your business website. I'd love for you to sign up for that or … [Read more...]

Thank You for 5+ Years of Blogging!

Bigger, Better Blogging Week

I really couldn't have gotten this far without your support and interest! I am so happy you're all here and joining me on this adventure. Along with the giveaway I'm sponsoring, I am giving back by putting together a series all about blogging! Whether you're a blogger, want to be one, or blog for your business website, this series is for you! … [Read more...]

I’m Taking a Mini-Break to Seattle for SoFabU on the Road #SoFabUOTR #cbias


I'm so excited to be going to Seattle in April for a few days to connect with other bloggers, learn more about blogging and of course, check out some of the sites in Seattle.  Going to SoFabU on the Road is big for me, because it'll be my first blogging conference! I've been to social media events and things like that before, but this is my first blogging-specif event of this nature! This month is my 5th blogging anniversary (yay!), but as a lifelong learner, I know that there is always … [Read more...]

How to Use Solid Shampoo from LUSH

How to Use Solid Shampoo from LUSH

It's kind of crazy how much fun and how inexpensive shampoo bars from LUSH are. I find myself reaching to use them even when I also have liquid shampoo at home. Because—did I mention how much fun they are to use? The Copperhead and Montalbano shampoo bars I was sent also happen to work exceptionally well in my hair. If you think washing your hair with a shampoo bar will make it gross-feeling, like you've used a bar of soap in it—think again. Both the Copperhead and the Montalbano shampoo bars … [Read more...]

3 Things that Make me Feel Lucky

3 things that make me feel lucky

Beyond having the basics—food, shelter and clothing—I feel so lucky to have things in my life take things to the next level. It's so easy to focus on the things that aren't going so well, and maybe dwell on them a bit. When I find myself in a negative state of mind, it really helps to think about the things and people I'm grateful for. It doesn't take long to turn things around when I start thinking about these 3 things (and others: … [Read more...]

3 Ways I’m Celebrating my 5th Blogging Anniversary

3 ways I'm celebrating

Yippee! turns 5 years old this month! I believe celebrating life's big and small events in some way tells the universe you're grateful and want more of the good stuff. That's why I'm celebrating my blog's 5th anniversary this month with some awesome things - for me and for you. … [Read more...]

Have Awesome Adventures at Carefree RV Resorts

Affordable Florida Vacations

Just picture this: you wake up with the sun shining and the whole day ahead of you. What do you feel like doing? What adventures lay ahead? If you're at Carefree RV Resorts, you have so many options! Spending time at a gorgeous Florida beach is just one possibility. I love that there are so many ways to have fun, explore, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Sounds like an ideal vacation to me! One of my favourite memories is of when my immediate family, plus some of my aunts, … [Read more...]