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Autoglym Canadian Tire Exclusive Car Cleaning Products

World-class cleaning/world-class shine

Sometimes it’s about quality and quantity—like when you come across an amazing brand of products that work well, and you just can’t stop adding more from the product line to your collection. That is exactly what happened when we tried out just 2 products from Autoglym, which I purchased at Canadian Tire.

As I said to a friend of mine—yes, I’m a snob about even that! But, really—it’s not snooty to only want to use the best cleaning products on something as major as your car, is it? I don’t think so! 

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Langley Cruise-In Car Show and meeting Dave, the Canadian rep for Autoglym products, who’s in Canada straight from England. I checked out the full range of Autoglym products and witnessed a demonstration of how the products work.


auto glym

The truck and black car were detailed using Autoglym products.

I found out from Dave that Autoglym is available in 50+ countries around the world, and available in more stores than he can name in the UK, where the brand originates. Canadian Tire is the exclusive distributor of Autoglym products in Canada—which works well since there are so many Canadian Tire stores throughout the country and I, personally, love going to one of their locations for all my automotive needs.

Wash. Polish. Protect.

I asked Dave what he would recommend as a starter set for anyone who wants to try out Autoglym, and he said that people need to have products that wash, polish, and protect.

was polish protect Start with the Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, followed by either the Super Resin Polish or the High Definition Wax Kit and finish with the Extra Gloss Protection. We used the Super Resin Polish because we don’t yet have the wax in our car-cleaning kit. The combination of the three products above that we used on our Subaru Outback worked really well to really clean and protect the finish on our car.

What next?

If you’re looking to add more to your collection of Autoglym products, Dave suggests the Instant Tyre Dressing and Metal Polish. I haven’t yet tried these, but think they’d make our car look brand new if we did. The best accessories to use for applying the products are available from Autoglym (they really do cover all the bases, don’t they?)—Perfect Palm Applicator and the Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.

Roadtrip Essentials

When taking a road trip you must know that one thing is for certain—your car will inherently get covered in bugs of all kinds, not to mention dust and bird droppings. Bird droppings and insect guts can really damage the finish of your car

road trip essentials

Rapid Detailer, Bird Dropping Wipes, Active Insect Remover from Autoglym

 seat wedgeAnother essential for road-trips is the new Stop the Drop seat wedge from Canadian Tire—I don’t know about you, but when I am on a road-trip I find myself constantly stopping at drive-thru coffee shops and gas stations for snacks/body fuel. How annoying is it to have your change in hand only to have it slip between the seats when you finally get up to the drive-thru window? The seat wedge takes care of that by filling in the gap between seats. In addition to stopping change from dropping, there are slits to hold your cell phone for easy access.

autoglym products

autoglym leather

 Autoglym products are great quality and also beautifully packaged. The products start at only $6.99, and seem to average around $12. I received Autoglym products, but opinions are 100% my own.

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