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I bought a $600+ dress once from a sample sale. Now that I have your attention—okay, it was worth $600, but I only paid $20 for it! The sleeveless button-up dress, from Vancouver-designed clothing company Obakki, was sample-sale priced at something I couldn’t resist. Of course, I haven’t yet worn the dress yet—which means it has been sitting in my closet for a few years. The dress is a gorgeous shade of orange (one of my favourite colours), and is ankle-length on me. It is fairly sheer, and is in a checkered pattern. The reason I haven’t yet worn it is because I didn’t know what to wear it with, because of the sheerness.

Along comes B-Skinz, who offers me the chance to try out these black leggings. Perfect! I can pair the orange see-through dress with the black leggings and a black tank top! I think that with this combination I’ll have the perfect spring dress, if I pair it with a black cardigan.

skinz leggings


Do you own a pair of leggings? What do you wear them with, or do you use them as pants? 

The spandex leggings I received could also be combined with a pair of short shorts for summer-time outdoor pursuits. The material is shiny, which it really nice under my orange dress, and kind of fun-looking under a pair of shorts, too. The black leggings are affordable—costing only $26.99 for either the ankle or the capri length. There are so many other fun colours and patterns that you can get the leggings in, though—and B-Skinz even does custom orders for teams. Want your book club to have a uniform with peace-sign leggings? B-Skinz can help you on that front!

I found the fit and comfort of these leggings to be on the snug side  – maybe I should have ordered the medium size, but I suppose a tighter fit would be needed normally, as these are typically used for athletic activities.

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