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Best Posts of 2012


  1. Pinterest—Benefits, changes and increased popularity
  2. Update the Look of Your Door for Greater Curb Appeal – Weiser Lock Review
  3. Timeless Desk Accessories for a Digital Age
  4. Winter Activities on the Cheap
  5. When Times are Tough – Take Care of What You Have


  1. Top 5 Booths at the Calgary Home and Garden Show
  2. Film Set Inspiration—Interiors from the Oscar Winning Film The Artist
  3. Transforming the Living Room with Olympic Paint
  4. Julia Child’s Kitchen at the National Museum of American History
  5. Mitsubishi iMiev Greenest Car of the Year


  1. Top Considerations for your Craft Room or Studio
  2. Set Inspiration — The Draper House on Mad Men
  3. Chasing the Sweet Things in Life
  4. Turning Possibilities in to realities
  5. Organizing Your Craft Room or Creative Space


  1. Top Tips for Sprucing up a Rental Place
  2. Makeup Ideas to Help You Prep for Spring’s Event Season
  3. The Bully Project Testimonial
  4. Spring Colour Pantone Solar Power
  5. A Regency Inspired Wedding


  1. Set Inspiration: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
  2. Drumheller Alberta Travel
  3. Spring Colour Trend Sweet Lilac
  4. Romantic Vintage Lace for Weddings
  5. Rear View Mirror Conversations and Goal-Making


  1. Burst of Summer Colour
  2. Summer Decor Ideas Thanks to Sarah 101
  3. June in My Heart
  4. Road trip Ready
  5. Diamond Jubilee Decor Ideas


  1. 100 Years of The Calgary Stampede
  2. Top 5 Inspiring Sites for Blogging Ideas
  3. For Love or Money— Would You Take a Job You Hate If The Pay Was Good?
  4. Outdoor Table Decorating Ideas
  5. Discovering Matchbook Magazine


  1. Must Have for a Dorm Room
  2. Country Inn and Suites Calgary
  3. Enjoying Summer with a Balcony
  4. Alberta Break Lake Louise
  5. CB2 Store Manhattan New York


  1. Toyota Prius Event Hybrid Rally
  2. IDSWest Interior Design Show West 2012
  3. Adventures, Journeys and Travel Tips
  4. Langley Cruise-In Car Show
  5. Ultimate Upcycle Challenge


  1. Halloween Decorating and Party Ideas
  2. Smitten Magazine Fall
  3. Vancouver Home Design Show
  4. Game of Thrones Party Ideas
  5. How to add Geometrics to your Decor


  1. Winter Car Prep Check-List
  2. Guy Gifts I also Want
  3. No Better Time than Now
  4. Adding Sunshine to your Décor
  5. Adding Family Heirlooms and Antiques to your Décor


  1. Dreaming of a Condo to Call my Own
  2. Emerald Green Pantone Colour of the Year
  3. Winter-Ready Entryways
  4. Swedish Winter Decorating Ideas
  5. What Not to Wear to an Office Holiday Party