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Beyond Prepared for Outdoor Gatherings with Benadryl #beyondprepared

When starting to organize any get-together, I’ve always got my big to-do list with areas to clean, groceries to buy and things to make. What’s often forgotten at potlucks and BBQs that I’ve been to is all the emergency products that keep the good times rolling. I was #beyondprepared this time for a Summer Sizzle Potluck my friends and I put together. Thanks for Benadryl, we had everything we needed for our late summer party. 

Late summer is notoriously bad for insects. Who thinks to bring insect spray with them to a party, though? We were lucky enough to have great weather—the last before it got chilly out—and were able to enjoy our potluck fixings outdoors. We hadn’t expected the weather to be so nice, so sunscreen wasn’t applied at home. The Aveeno sunscreen came in handy, though! I like how it is non-greasy and not heavily scented.


 I’m beyond prepared for outdoor gatherings now thanks to Benadryl. I have Wet Ones, pocket-sized antibacterial wipes for sticky fingers and Tide to go for instant stain removing. . .which someone ended up needing! When wine and good friends get together, there are bound to be a few accidents.


I made mango salsa for the first time, and it turned out to be a real hit! Fresh mangos, red peppers, cilantro and lime=yummy late summer treat!


Outdoor gatherings are made more fun when you’re #beyondprepared. I was—thanks to the package I received from Benadryl.

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