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BIC Velocity Bold Ball Pen & To-Do-List Tips

They’re not #2 (HB) pencils, or boring blue ballpoint pens, but bold, fun coloured ink pens for more exciting writing—things like birthday cards, love notes, lunchbox notes—BIC Velocity Bold ball pens come in a package of four colours.

To make the transition back to school smooth, BIC teamed up with founder Erica Ehm to provide advice and on how to simply life with handwritten notes and to-do-lists.

bic velocity bold

“From my own experience, I face multi-tasking challenges every day, so I understand all too well the importance of handwriting notes and lists to help simplify my life,” says Erica Ehm, an author, actress, journalist, businesswoman, mom and wife who juggles it all.  “No doubt technology is important – but the fact remains that when you write something down such as a to-do list, you seem to get it done!  This leads to a happier more productive and less stressful lifestyle within both the work place and home.”

-Erica Ehm

Set aside 10 to 15 minutes before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up in the morning to jot a to-do list for the day;

Keep your list short (under 20 items) and ensure it is on one page and can be carried with you wherever you go;

Try assigning tasks to hourly slots, even if exact timing isn’t crucial;

Figure out when you are most productive and alert. Schedule the more demanding tasks during these times;

Schedule an easy job after a difficult one or a long task after a short one to keep yourself stimulated.

Use specific, active verbs when you tell yourself to do something and include as much information as possible (i.e. Phone the dentist at 555-1235 to book an appointment the first week of October)

Keep a pen and pad of paper by your bed at night.  Write down any ideas or tasks you think of thru the night so you can clear your mind and have a restful, worry-free sleep.

Log your completed tasks and revel in your own productivity!

You can find BIC Velocity Bold pens at retailers like StaplesManufacturer’s suggested retail price is $4.49 for a package of four. I received a package of these pens as compensation. Opinions are 100% my own.


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