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Attending a Niche Blogging Conference or a General Blogging Conference? #Conferences and #cbias

While there are a huge number of blogging conferences going on year-round,  mostly in the USA and in Toronto, there aren’t very many blogging conferences geared toward the niche topics I write about. Amongst other topics, I blog about  interior design and travel—and there aren’t a lot of conferences for those blogging topics.

tbex 12

One of my goals for this year was to attend a blogging conference—but I didn’t want to attend any old conference. Sure, there’s always something you can learn about blogging and writing from general conferences, but I really am most interested in learning more about travel blogging, especially. Luckily, The Travel Blogger’s Exchange isn’t too far away from where we are now in Calgary. By ‘not too far’ I mean about 20 hours drive away. The conference was in Vancouver last year, where we lived, so it worked out really well. Greg attended that conference and had a great time, while learning a lot.

We plan on driving down to Colorado for tbex in June and making a vacation out of it. We’re both really excited to go to Colorado, but also to work on our businesses together. Greg blogs about travel but also works as a freelance travel writer for magazines and newspapers, so this conference will be especially valuable for him. There will be people from all over North America at the conference—bloggers who travel all over the world and blog about it.

It’s always a great idea to see if you can get early-bird tickets to conferences—for TBEX, we bought tickets early for only $59 each. If we needed to cancel our trip, we’d be able to sell the tickets and transfer them to the new blogger. This is often the case with blogging conferences. Many conferences that I’ve looked in to cost far more than this and are located really far away, places where I’d need to spend several hundred dollars to fly to.

Are you planning on attending any conferences this year? 

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