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Can You Keep a Secret? Being Social Online and Social Media #cbias #mysocialmedia.

I used to visit chat rooms back in the 90s, but I was more or less anonymous online. As someone who has spent years of my life writing to others —I find it hard not to tell people what’s going on in my life when it’s important to me. Using social media more and more lately for both my blog and (previously) my business, I’ve come to be more social online—as myself. I use twitter to share the things I love online, and Facebook to share things that are happening in my life and on my blog. Pinterest is all about the pretty things that don’t go anywhere else.

Facebook, and other social medias are places where information is quickly passed around. . .so much so that it’s hard to keep something private. The other day someone in my family asked me on Facebook if I was moving again. I guess they got the information from my mom, and felt as though it was public knowledge?! I’m not normally someone who keeps secrets about major life events, but sometimes it’s necessary. The problem is—with the social media spread of information, you can’t, easily, say something to just one person or group of people without other people also knowing.

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My favourite sites to use are Pinterest—I was one of the first people to use the site and I’m happy it has taken off— and Facebook. I like to see what my co-workers are up to on Facebook, and see what my favourite companies and bloggers are posting. I connect with fellow bloggers in different groups—great for networking and getting my posts seen/shared. I try to connect with people on twitter, but no one ever says anything—so I try to reply to a few people, but no one I connect with elsewhere. I feel like liking someone on twitter is less of a commitment than other places.

What are your favourite social media sites? How do you like to connect with others online?

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