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Case Logic Laptop Bag— Perfect for Entrepreneurs

A backpack is too juvenile, a hard case laptop bag is too stuffy, but the Caselogic laptop bag I just got is just right.

The Case Logic MLA-116 Laptop Bag allows me to take all the essentials with me when I’m meeting a client, giving a presentation or teaching a workshop. I can easily carry my 13″ MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, wallet, notebook, pens, and room for a little more.  I like that it has both a shoulder strap and comfortable handles, so that I have options when it comes to carrying the laptop bag. 

case logic laptop bag

In fact, it’s so light that I had to check inside it a few times to make sure that everything was still in the bag. I tell ya, this laptop bag would’ve been perfect in university, with all the stuff I was constantly carrying around. . . I certainly didn’t need to have the extra weight of a heavy laptop bag on top of everything else. I used to have a huge messenger bag that was way too roomy—meaning, I ended up filling it with too many books. My new laptop bag is so much better—compact and light.

case logic laptop bag

Not sure whether the day calls for an iPad or a laptop? Take both in this understated attaché, along with those necessary daily accessories.

The outside of the Case Logic MLA-116 Laptop Bag is made of nylon, so it’s wipeable and easy to care for. You can find the bag on the Case Logic site, or find out where Case Logic products are sold.

I received the above mentioned laptop bag so that I could write this feature.  

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