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Caseable iPad Custom Case Review

My has been pretty happy lately—the new case from Caseable has sure made it look  amazing. The case has a woodsy print on the outside with white inside and a little pocket for notes or other paper that you need to take with you. 

caseable case

The bark/wood print on the iPad2 case I received was designed by Brent Williams.

Designer Brent Williams makes no distinction between worn away posters, graffiti tags, highway underpasses or apartment doorbells. All are just elements ready to be sampled, reworked, reinterpreted into artwork. We were familiar with the rich textural detail of Brent’s work, so we knew that he’d be perfect to collaborate with to take advantage of caseable’s unique system for customizing. He’s put together a collection of great source material for you to work with. Subtle lines, bold colors, urban grit, all become a starting point for you to make you own.
Brent’s website:

caseable iPad

Caseable cases come with elastic straps that securely hold your iPad or other devices.

 caseable custom cases


 You can use the code TAZIMCASE for 15% off your caseable purchases between 11/5-11/19.

Why Caseable cases make great gifts:

  • They’re high-quality hand crafted products, made in the USA
  • The products are customizable—so your gift recipient can get a unique present
  • There are so many different gadgets that you can get great cases for

I received the beautiful iPad case mentioned above in order to conduct this . There are so many other designs for iPad cases and tons of other devices on the Caseable site. I would totally recommend that you check it out for your upcoming holiday gifts. 

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