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Art: A Visual History

As an art history major, I naturally have several art history textbooks on my shelf from my university days. Why, then was I excited to have the DK book Art: A Visual History on my bookshelf? This book has a great spot on my bookshelf, because it is so easy to understand and has such great pictures. ...

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Art & Sole Coffee Table Book

Rather than giving your friends and family another ordinary gift, how about a beautiful art book, perfect for a coffee table? Art & Sole by Jane Weitzman, wife of shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, features 150 fantasy art shoes made of highly unique materials she has discovered and commissioned by artists for the first Stuart Weitzman shop on Madison Avenue in the mid-1990s. The shoes in this book are unique and definite works of art. They're made from from feathers, paper, ceramic, ...

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Sony World Photography Awards Open Entries

Love taking photographs? Maybe it's time to get some recognition for your photography skills. Canada National Award is open to photographers of all abilities from across Canada. It's easy to enter via in any of ten categories. The Open competition includes ten categories:     Architecture     Arts & Culture     Enhanced     Low-light     Nature & Wildlife     Panoramic     People     Smile     Split second     Travel The competition will ...

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Dusty Mirror Project B. Archival Print —

Limited edition. Archival print. The series of phrases speaks to the art historian in me, and so does this Dusty Mirror print that I was sent from Project B. It's no secret that I love antique mirrors, old movies and decorative products. These three things come together in the Dusty Mirror limited edition archival print. How could I not find a special place to hang this print? I went to my favourite art supply/print shop and selected cream-coloured matting and a brushed silver frame, and hung ...

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Totoro Art Print from RedBubble

I've been eyeing this nature print in the shape of My Neighbor Totoro character (mega Totoro—the one where you can sleep on his tummy) for ages over on Pinterest and on the RedBubble website. It's mine now—finally mine!I still haven't purchased a frame suitable for it, but it'll happen in the next month or so. I'm sure as soon as September rolls around I'll be in the mood for some re-decorating. I have just the right spot to put this print—in the dining area (where I don't actually have a dining ...

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Visit the Elves Rivendell Travel by Steve Thomas Redbubble Print

I could so easily feel like I was there—in Middle Earth generally, but sometimes also Rivendell, when I lived in New Zealand. The photographic print that I received from Redbubble really brings back memories. I've been thinking back on that trip to New Zealand a lot lately, especially given the opening of the new movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. All things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are on my mind for sure. This print certainly makes me feel like going back to New Zealand! Go on ...

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London—Portrait of a City Taschen Book Review

From the 2012 Summer Olympics to its historic roles as the world’s largest metropolis for almost all of the 19th century, and as the great heart of the British Empire—London is certainly one of the world’s great cities. From the crowded lanes of Covent Gardens, to the expansive splendor of Kew Gardens it’s also one of our personal favourites, which is why we were delighted to see this new entry in Taschen’s World Cities series: London—Portrait of a City ...

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Happy Menocal Artist & Illustrator Feature

I first came across Happy Menocal's illustrations in the latest issue of Matchbook Magazine (it's digital and free, check it out!), but was even more interested in her work when I checked out her website. I am drawn to her watercolour-y paintings and illustrations. And custom heraldry? Are you kidding me? How cool is that? I think that would be the perfect way to start a new life with someone.  ...

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