More Juice, Less Waste, Better Taste


The first juicer I ever used was a screaming behemoth, by the time I lifted it onto the counter, had my veg ready and flicked the switch, I was already a bit daunted. And then, what seemed like a dozen carrots later, as I enjoyed my half-cup of juice, I tried to smile and really enjoy it, because I knew I would be spending the next half-hour cleaning up the mess I’d made procuring it. I’m sorry giant juicer—it just didn’t work out. I returned it, and while I still really liked the idea of … [Read more...]

BlueDriver Wireless Vehicle Monitors


One of my favourite things to do during the nicer months of the year (or anytime it's not pouring rain) is go for a drive to one of the many waterfront parks, mountains or trails here in Vancouver. I've also been known to take impromptu road trips when the mood strikes me. Because of these trips , it's important to know that my car is doing okay and able to handle things. Lemur Monitors' BlueDriver is a wireless vehicle monitor that puts my mind at ease. I have had OBD2 scanner on my want … [Read more...]

CableKeeps: Nice, Tidy Cable Organizers


Nice, organized cords and chargers for my devices. Anything that will make cords look better and keep things a bit more organized is a huge improvement in my mind. Think about it: how often do you use and move around your adaptors for your iPhone and iPad? Pretty often, I imagine. With CableKeeps you'll know exactly which adaptor to pull out from the wall or your bag. They are colourful, fun, awesome ways to stay organized.  … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Make your Home Office more Productive (Plus Giveaway – Canada Only)

Productive Home Office

A well-organized work space allows you to efficiently work on your computer with the greatest of ease (or maybe binge watch shows on Netflix while you scroll through your Facebook feed in the middle of the day. Whatever productive and efficient mean to you. No judgement).  I'm showing you how to have both energy and workspace efficiency with these 3 ways to make your home office more productive: … [Read more...]

Stylish Mobile Accessories for People on the go (with Giveaway – Canada Only)

Stylish Mobile Accessories

I don't know about you, but I use my iPhone for pretty much everything — which means that the battery runs out fairly quickly. With all the use that phone-y gets, I feel safe knowing that she is protected from scratches and what-not with Belkin's TrueClear Invisiglass Screen Protector. I feel much better knowing that I won't run out of battery life at a crucial moment (like when I'm trying to watch funny animal videos or obsessively check my weather forecast app), and that my sweet iPhone is … [Read more...]

The Dyson AM06 Fan is Powerful yet Quiet

dyson desk fan

The Dyson Cool AM06 12" Desk Fan has powerful airflow, no spinning blades, and is easy to keep dust-free. Even on the lowest setting, this is one powerful fan! Dyson's AM06 12" Desk Fan is now 75% quieter, making this the perfect fan to keep in my bedroom. I've been using this powerful, yet super-quiet fan in my bedroom to create a cross-breeze and get me through the heat waves. I love that the sound of the fan doesn't bother me at night, and the great timer feature lets me keep it on for just … [Read more...]

HomeRight SteamMachine Plus Review

homeright steamer

Rather than just pushing first around, the SteamMachine Plus disinfects floors and countertops to make sure that you can go barefoot around your home without worries. "The 205 degree temperature steam at nozzle kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, and staph." This is a big benefit, especially for those with children and pets. … [Read more...]

The Last Screen Protector for your Devices: Phantom Glass (with Giveaway)

phantom glass

Genius. I don't use the word often, unless I'm being sarcastic. But seriously, I think it applies to the fellow who invented Phantom Glass. I love hearing Arlene Dickenson (of Dragon's Den and many other non-TV things fame) say that the country will be in good hands when she sees a young entrepreneur come on the show to present their product or business. That is exactly how I felt when I met with Richard Waters, the inventor of Phantom Glass. When Richard told me he was only 20 years old, … [Read more...]

The YP App Shows me the Local Essentials: Coffee Shops and Gas Stations

YP App

Let's talk way finding. With the lovely weather and a long list of things to do and experience on my summer-fun-list, my sweet station wagon is going to be getting a lot more use soon. Okay, so picture this: I'm out driving around, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful views. I want to keep going—on a drive that may include stopping by some local malls or shopping areas—but I need a coffee pronto! What's a girl to do? Now, I just pull out my iPhone and use the YP App to super-quickly give me … [Read more...]

A Place Where TV Watching Gets Social

beamly social network

My mom, brother and I used to watch episodes of Seinfeld, 90210, Melrose Place and Road to Avonlea together each week, while I was growing up. TV watching was a fun, social family activity during those times. We're a family that likes to make comments and jokes and ask questions about the shows while we're watching them. It's become 2nd nature to me to watch TV shows that way. And, knowing that someone else would instantly get what I was talking about with a TV show or know why a "puffy shirt" … [Read more...]