WeMo Home Automation (with Giveaway – Canada only!)

wemo insight switch

I remember reading about Smart Homes years ago—prototypes of things that haven't yet (and perhaps never will) come to pass. One of the coolest things I read about was the ability to control your electronics from a handheld device, as well as have motion-sensor activation and notification just as easily. This may sound cheesy, but . . .the future is now! Have you checked out the capabilities of the WeMo Home Automation products? There are so many cool things you can do with the WeMo system, … [Read more...]

Home Office Essential: Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker

Sonos play:1

Every home office needs a Sonos Play:1. I really think that having clear, inspiring or motivating music streaming in your work space can really make your day just so much more awesome. Whether or not you're doing the boring (but necessary) work, or actually doing something enjoyable—the right music streaming from the right sound system can seriously improve things. These are my thoughts and results—I feel like there should be a disclaimer, but who amongst you wouldn't love to have a great music … [Read more...]

My Devices Deserve a Smart Wireless Home Network

Linksys-AC1900 Wireless Network Smart Wi-Fi Router

They work hard, they're loyal, and (because I chose them) they're awesome—my devices deserve the Linksys EA6900 Smart Wi-Fi Router. I get the best cases and covers for them—make sure they're dust-free, so this is just the next logical step in making sure my devices know that I care about them. About 10 minutes ago something exciting started—I initialized the set-up of my new Smart Wi-Fi Router. Yes, it only took that long to get everything connected, and test that it was all working (as … [Read more...]

An Innovative Way to Deal with Traffic Congestion

Besides being really expensive, the other thing people think about when I bring up the fact that I live in Vancouver, is the traffic congestion. Being as densely packed as it is, and there being such a short distance between traffic lights means that there are tons of cars on the road and it take a long time to go not-that-far. There are more and more high-rise buildings going up all the time, which doesn't ease traffic at all. Obviously, traffic congestion isn't a Vancouver-only problem; in … [Read more...]

How to Cut Vegetables Uniformly


Do you like to prep your ingredients prior to starting to cook your meal? Or do you like to get things together as you go? Either way, I have a tool to show you that will make things go more smoothly. I've already shared why I love Microplane products—because they're designed well, have ultra-sharp blades, and make me feel like I am a professional chef in my own home. The Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade just reinforces my love for all things Microplane. This product slices and juliennes … [Read more...]

Here’s a Quick List of iPhone Essentials

iPhone Essentials

Before you load up your iPhone with zillions of apps, you have to take care of the essentials. It may be true that all I could think about when I picked up my new iPhone from the mobile store was all the great cases I could now outfit my phone in. I know that some people like to have "naked" gadgets, but if I'm going to spend several (several) hundred dollars on something that is going to get a ton of ware, you can bet that I'm going to be taking good care of it! A cute case is. . .well, cute … [Read more...]

Next Issue App – Love is a Many-Magazined App

next issue app

I have been spending a lot of time on my iPad lately—not surfing online, not on social media. . .but reading! You heard that right—I've been taking my iPad with me everywhere so that I can make the most of the few minutes here and there to catch up on my magazine reading. The Next Issue app has saved me from both lugging around multiple magazines, and also from wasting time while I'm waiting for appointments and what-not. I recently flew from Vancouver to Calgary. Normally, this is a one and … [Read more...]

Getting Up Close to the Action with a Table Top Tripod

tabletop tripod

A table top tripod will get you close to the action—wether you're taking pictures of your food for the next recipe you're hoping to post on your blog, or wanting to film a particularly awesome speech from someone is giving at a family get together, having a solid place to do this from is essential. This table top tripod is super portable—I can fit it in my purse quite easily, to be able to set it up anywhere. The 3Pod line of tripods is exclusively offered at Adorama. This tripod is the table … [Read more...]

Jabra Vox Headphones — Comfortable & Portable Sound

Jabra Headphones

The Jabra Vox headphones are comfortable in-ear headphones with volume control on the cord. If you're looking for a present for a friend or family member—something that is almost guaranteed to be both needed and wanted—the Jabra Vox headphones should be on your radar. "Maximum sound meets maximum portability." The Jabra Vox headphones have Dolby® sound. . .don't let their small size fool you! My favourite features: -tangle-free cord (there is a cool magnet that holds together the … [Read more...]

Fight Those Winter Blues with a Light Therapy Alarm Clock from Philips

philips wake up light

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping and bright daylight is pretty sweet. Actually, looking at the picture below is making me feel more awake and cheerful. The Philips HF3520 Wake Up Light is exactly what I've been needing to wake up much more naturally (without an annoying beeping noise). Sure, it's an alarm clock, but  it's also a light therapy device. You can choose how gradually the sunlight will appear - up to 40 minutes. … [Read more...]