Home Office Essential: Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker

Every home office needs a Sonos Play:1. I really think that having clear, inspiring or motivating music streaming in your work space can really make your day just so much more awesome. Whether or not you're doing the boring (but necessary) work, or actually doing something enjoyable—the right music streaming from the right sound system can seriously improve things. These are my thoughts and results—I feel like there should be a disclaimer, but who amongst you wouldn't love to have a great music … [Read more...]

Stay Connected with Friends and Family on the Go (with Belkin Giveaway)

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” ― Brené Brown Although I value the time I spend by myself enjoying nature, going for a walk, or reading during my lunch break, little time passes before I feel the need to connect with my friends. I reach for my cellphone in my bag, I send a text message and maybe a picture of … [Read more...]

Dirt Devil 360 Reach Vacuum

We all have our least favourite chores. And maybe our favourite. Maybe? I, personally, don't like lugging around a heavy vacuum or using a broom to sweep up visible dirt from the tile and hardwood floors in my apartment. Somehow, using this sweet little devil of a vacuum doesn't seem like such a chore. The bright red Dirt Devil 360 Reach Vacuum tells dirt "take that" every time I use it. I also feel like I get closer to winning the battle against dust in the most fun way possible.  … [Read more...]

Essential Tech Products for Staying Connected

Being online and connecting with friends and family (and my online audience) is an everyday occurrence. With all the apps, social media platforms, Skype, texting, and now Periscope—it seems like my cellphone is always running out of power. Can you relate? What tech products do I think are essential for staying connected? Read on to find out. … [Read more...]

What will you do to #UpgradeYourWorld ?

Helping someone pick up items they’ve dropped, carrying someone’s groceries to the car for them, volunteering your time with a non-profit, offering a friend a shoulder when they need someone to talk to—these are all easy ways to #UpgradeYourWorld. No act is too small; we can each do our part. From birth, the importance of volunteering time and money for initiatives small and large has been instilled in me. My mom and brother led by example, and I appreciate their influence on me and how I … [Read more...]

Top 10 Streaming Channels on Roku

You love TV. I love TV. Now that we've established that, I'm here to talk about the simplest way to stream to your TV: the Roku 3. When using Roku, you can add channels to your stream, so that you have quick access to them. There are also buttons on the Roku remote for a few channels—Netflix, YouTube, rdio, Googleplay—which allows you to access them with one touch. Something to note: some channels require payment. Channel availability can change and varies by country. With over 1,400 … [Read more...]

Keep Memories Close at Hand with a Personalized Cellphone Case (with giveaway)

Sure, memories live in your heart, and they are personal. But, at the same time you can keep them close at hand in a form that gives you visual cues: hey! remember that time. . .? That was awesome. One thing I always have close at hand is my cellphone—can you relate? What better place to put a picture of one of my favourite travel destinations, then on the back of my cellphone? The case I got from The Case Studio has been working well to make me think about the best times in my life throughout … [Read more...]

Dyson DC77 Multi Floor Vacuum

The Dyson DC77 Multi Floor is a multi floor vacuuming dream machine. I recently welcomed the Dyson DC77 in to my home and in to my life. This is the kind of vacuum that doesn't have me dreading "vacuum day" each week. As the days get longer and there are more sunny days in the forecast, it becomes more obvious how much dust collected on the floor and on my upholstered surfaces. In the daylight everything becomes more clear—having my windows open all the time and having so many trees nearby … [Read more...]

Keep Love Close at all Times with Redbubble

It's easy to keep love close to you at all times when you're reminded of it, as it hugs your cellphone. Redbubble has cases for your gadgets, t-shirts (and other garments), tote bags and more to help you keep images and messages that speak to you close-by. Just because it isn't Valentine's Day doesn't mean you shouldn't tell your friends and family how much you love them. The Wednesday Dream - Chasing Planes is the perfect way to do so. I have a thing for hot air balloons and just love how the … [Read more...]

Ready to Go: Portable Travel-Ready Belkin Fusive Speaker (with Giveaway Canada only)

I'm planning a quest to visit every National Park and National Historic Site in Canada, starting next month. It'll take me upwards of 10 years, given the size of the country and the remote location of some of the sites/parks. I'm saying this because I'll definitely be needing some music with me to listen to in hotel rooms when I travel! The Belkin Fusive Bluetooth Speaker is really light, comes with its own carrying case and puts out great sound. It's a clear winner when it comes to portability … [Read more...]