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Interior Design

Easy Room Makeover Idea: Change out your Curtains

Whether you live in a rental place or own your home, spending a small fortune on window coverings isn't very high on anyone's to-do list. At the same time, window coverings make such a strong visual statement, while also performing valuable functions (privacy and blocking light to some degree). Ideally, a set of blinds or drapes that are beautiful, yet functional would be sought-out. You need to think about colour, material, and pattern when it comes to your décor so that your window ...

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Breville Smart Waffle Maker Review

I won't tell you how many waffle makers I've owned or used in my lifetime, nor the amount of waffles I've consumed. To tell you would open myself up to being made fun of, and being asked if I am the president of the "I Love Waffles" fan club. Instead, I'll just say that I know a thing or two about what makes a waffle makers (and waffles) stand out from the rest. ...

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Top Ways to Prepare Your Home for Future Overnight Guests

It's expensive enough living in Vancouver to live in a one bedroom or bachelor apartment—a two bedroom place is practically unheard of. Strangely enough, most Vancouver apartments have fairly large bedrooms. I find this a bit annoying because I spend so much of my time in the main room—which is a combination space. The main room is my office, studio, dining room, living room and kitchen. If I have a couple staying over, or if my mom or dad ever came to stay, I would give them my bedroom and ...

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5 Places to Find Items to Upcycle

Upcycling is taking something or group of things that previously served one function and turning it/them in to something else. Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel kept bringing items home to the apartment she shared with Phoebe and lied to her about where they came from? They were all from Pottery Barn, but Rachel lied and said they were from a second hand store. Remember it? Anyone? Anyone? Anyway, what I'm getting at is—unless you want your place to look like page 25 of the ...

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vanity DIY Project

Or: How I Turned a Free Desk in to a Charming Vanity Getting dressed and ready to the leave the house in the morning always seems like a hectic rush. With different things I need to get ready in various locations, not a lot of time to feel "put-together", and limited patients, I end up stressed and panicked-feeling. Having a vanity with plenty of storage for my most-needed accessories and makeup has made a huge difference in my morning routine. Last year, I re-decorated my vanity. I ...

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Recipes for Delicious Kitchens from IKEA

The kitchen section at my local IKEA store is one of my favourites. I love wandering around in there, checking out the different cabinet and countertop options, and imagining myself cooking in the display kitchens from IKEA. There are so many options available when thinking about designing a kitchen and IKEA definitely has a lot of tips and expert advice online and from their sales staff in the stores. I get that designing a kitchen cam be challenging, but IKEA makes it a lot easier. Check ...

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Book Recommendation: A Colorful Home

It's easy to make a home look like it flows, works well together, and as if it an interior designer stepped in to help you put everything together if you start with a theme. I'm not talking about something crazy, like a Victorian theme or a Georgian theme. One of my favourite things to do is work around a colour scheme. It makes it so much easier to coordinate furniture, accessories, and fixed elements, when you have certain colours to work with. Since I live in an apartment that I rent, one ...

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Home Décor that Inspires Adventure

I love to surround myself with things that have positive messages, inspire me to reach for my goals and install a sense of adventure in my life. On top of having vision boards, inspiring quotes and pictures around my home, I have found that my latest home décor addition–stone coasters from–inspires adventure. Every time I put down or pick up a cup or glass from atop one of the 4 stone coasters I have, I see something that symbolizes freedom and adventure (to me): hot air balloons. ...

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