Creative Ways To Make Your Home Décor Even Better: Achieving A Form/Function Balance.

make your decor better

They’re functional, sure—but can Kleenex boxes be part of a home décor scheme? Maybe in the past it was a toss-up: keep a box of Kleenex out because it’s functional (especially in winter—am I right?!), or hide it away and end up having to search for it when you’re in need. I have to be honest—I really like the way the new Kleenex boxes look. I know a few interior designers who will be glad to hear about this new partnership! How do you make something functional, like a box of Kleenex, part … [Read more...]

Hibernating in Style with this Seventeen Bedding Set

seventeen bedding set

Whether you want to re-style a dorm room for the winter semester, or you want to jazz up your bedroom at home, this bedding set from Seventeen, exclusively sold at Macy's, is cheery and cozy enough for the job. The Ikat Vintage Ombre pattern is a refreshing ikat design in revitalizing shades of blue on a white background. I first fell in love with ikat print when I visited India, almost 10 years ago, and saw it being produced by hand stamps. I just love the subtle pattern, and how easily it … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Adding Holiday Decorations to your Décor

holiday decor

In my small apartment, with just me around, I didn't want to go too crazy with the holiday decorating. I didn't get a tree, for instance. I don't have a ton of places to store decorations and out of season things, so I wanted to keep things simple. I have a wall-mounted shelf in my main room that I use as a mantel to decorate seasonally on. Check out some of my ideas for decorating on a dime, below. … [Read more...]

How to Decorate for the Holidays in a Rental Place PLUS #Giveaway $200 ARV

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I love to celebrate the changing of the seasons by decorating accordingly. Usually, a few changes to my sofa in the form of different cushions and throws work well—but around the holidays, I like to make things extra cozy. I'm sure you can think of a few types of decorations that you typically bring out every year around this time— The challenge: how do I add these fun, festive seasonal elements to my apartment without damaging the walls and angering my landlords? I've got just the solution: … [Read more...]

Things I Heart This Season – French Country Cozy

Urban Barn

There are so many things I heart with the changing of the seasons and moving toward the end of the year. I like to celebrate by changing out my décor seasonally. What theme does this season call for? French Country Cozy. After a long year with so many changes, I’m ready to feel comfortable and warm. I often hear that the holiday season is stressful. So why do people go through all the preparation, spend all the money, visit friends and family? I know why I do it: LOVE! Yes, it’s all … [Read more...]

Beauty and Use: Designer Cushions and the Concept of Function


William Morris, himself a legendary designer, once said that you should have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. In many ways, this is the designer’s credo in a nutshell. You can’t put it better. Effectively, Morris was talking about the different weights of function (usefulness) and form (beauty) that our everyday surroundings are made up of. On his terms, a designed interior should only include an object that is not explicitly useful if it is … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Hibernate: How DownLinens Transformed My Bed

luxury bed

Like flipping a light switch, fall turned on and summer turned off. The nights have gotten really chilly already as the days are getting shorter. DownLinens has helped me transform my bed for the new season—and to prepare for the coming winter. A luxury bed topper fit for all seasons is the perfect way to break into the colder months. With it being extra cold lately, it's hard to want to leave my bed in the morning already—a fluffy bed topper from DownLinens isn't exactly helping that! Instead … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Cooler Temperatures with a New DownLinens Comforter

Downlinens Duvet

How did DownLinens know that I was on the market for a comforter? It's a little funny, but I have a King sized comforter and a twin sized quilt that my best friend made me—even though I have a double/full bed. The king sized comforter worked well enough for winter, but the excess material that dragged on the floor always bothered me, plus, I didn't have an extra one for guests. I like having a slightly larger cover on my bed, so I'm happy to have received a queen sized comforter. I find it … [Read more...]

Comfy New Pillows and a Seasonal Refresh Courtesy of #DownLinens


I have been giving my bedroom a bit of a refresh lately with the change of seasons. I put the too-small quilt on my bed (it's the only one I have) and took off the heavy winter comforter, and put on some new summery sheets. The other thing I did was replace the pillows on my bed, thanks to  DownLinens. Did you know that you should replace the pillows on your bed periodically? There doesn't seem to be a consensus on the exact amount of time that it's okay to hold onto your pillows for, though. … [Read more...]

Ideal Deck Designs for Backyard Fun!

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine. What good is having a backyard if you can't enjoy it? A backyard with grass, grass, and more grass is annoying to maintain, not to mention only somewhat useful. Putting a patio set on uneven grass makes little sense. Since I'm not ready to stop enjoying meals outside when I'm at my mom's house, I've been looking at decking materials to put together a deck in the backyard. Of the decking materials I saw on the … [Read more...]