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15 Vegan Picnic Food Ideas

Picnics seem like such a quintessential summer thing, don't they? Months before, I see stores get ready for all the picnicking that's sure to happen during summer by displaying picnic-ready dishware, baskets, pretty picnic blankets, napkins, straws, and all that other stuff. It all looks so appealing to me and the thought of spending time in nature enjoying yummy food sounds like the best combination ever! The thing is, I don't really find occasion to partake in picnics very often these days. ...

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Recipes for Delicious Kitchens from IKEA

The kitchen section at my local IKEA store is one of my favourites. I love wandering around in there, checking out the different cabinet and countertop options, and imagining myself cooking in the display kitchens from IKEA. There are so many options available when thinking about designing a kitchen and IKEA definitely has a lot of tips and expert advice online and from their sales staff in the stores. I get that designing a kitchen cam be challenging, but IKEA makes it a lot easier. Check ...

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Fruit-y Frozen Treats Year-Round with Yonanas

Delicious summer fruits can be enjoyed year-round as a delicious, healthy (cold) treat!  Yonanas has the perfect solution for your sweet tooth that won’t affect your health goals. Yonanas is a small kitchen gadget that churns JUST frozen fruit into creamy, soft serve “ice cream.” The possibilities for flavour combinations is endless. I've been trying out a few so far and I share one of the recipes, below: ...

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Philips Avance Collection Multicooker Review (w/ Canada Only Giveaway $250 ARV)

As a self-proclaimed foodie, it should come as no surprise that I have a fair amount of kitchen appliances in my home. Generally, the kitchen appliances perform a singular function, and mostly sit in my cupboards collecting dust. The single most used small appliance in my home is the new Philips Avance Collection Multicooker. When I first heard of its existence, I admit that I was excited to have a fancy new appliance to steam rice in. But, whoa—stop the presses! The Multicooker does SO much ...

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The Perfect Cold Weather Travel Companion (Plus Giveaway)

Warm drinks on cold winter days come courtesy of my Thermos Insulated Travel Tumbler. Sometimes, it's all I can do in the morning to pour some hot coffee in it and take it in the car to work with me. Luckily, this tumbler allows my coffee to stay hot for 5 hours. Another thing I love about this tumbler is the excellent seal on the lid. The open/close switch and the written text make it so I know exactly when my drink is safely sealed away inside. You'll have your chance to win one of these ...

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I’m Enjoying #SilkCreamyCashew in My Baking

Silk Creamy Cashew has a mild, pleasant taste to it. It's creamy and satisfying when you want something to wash down cookies, cake and other sweet treats with. Because of the creamy texture and the fact that the taste is mild, I like using cashew milk in my baking. I imagine it would work really well when used in ice creams, cream sauces and more. Have a recipe that calls for water, but want to add a bit of creaminess to it? Try substituting Silk Creamy Cashew. You can substitute it in other ...

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Microplane Spiral Cutter : A Twist on the Everyday

I've been looking for fun and interesting ways to add some more "fun" to my salads and summer vegan meals. I have a fridge full of vegetables thanks to the many farmer's markets that are nearby. I just can't help picking up more of everything, several times a week! The Microplane Spiral Cutter has helped me create some interest with my meals and given me lots of ideas on new recipes to try out. No-fail spirals Like the look of all the zucchini pasta dishes you've been lately on Pinterest? ...

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Juicing vs Blending (with Infographic)

What's are the key differences with juicing vs blending? Well, there's a science behind it, as it turns out. I had no idea about the inherent differences between, for example, a green smoothie and green juice in terms of nutritional properties. The folks over at Juicing Science provide detailed information about (what else) the science of juicing. Here's a simple infographic for basic differences between juicing and blending: ...

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HomeRight SteamMachine Plus Review

Rather than just pushing first around, the SteamMachine Plus disinfects floors and countertops to make sure that you can go barefoot around your home without worries. "The 205 degree temperature steam at nozzle kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, and staph." This is a big benefit, especially for those with children and pets. ...

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