What will you do to #UpgradeYourWorld ?

What will you do to #UpgradeYourWorld ?

Helping someone pick up items they’ve dropped, carrying someone’s groceries to the car for them, volunteering your time with a non-profit, offering a friend a shoulder when they need someone to talk to—these are all easy ways to #UpgradeYourWorld. No act is too small; we can each do our part. From birth, the importance of volunteering time and money for initiatives small and large has been instilled in me. My mom and brother led by example, and I appreciate their influence on me and how I … [Read more...]

Be Your Own Hero with Marvel’s Ant-Man #AntMan (with Free Printable)

be the hero

One thing I love about watching super-hero movies during the summer is that I feel all energized, and ready to take on new and exciting projects in the fall. Along with chilling (literally) in a movie theatre, I'm able to step in to another world, and figure out what's most important to me—what and who I'd fight for, if I needed to. The latest superhero movie I've seen is Marvel's Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd. The mention of that actor's name was enough to get my movie-watching companion … [Read more...]

Menchie’s #MenchiesMyWay Summer VIP Contest

Oreo Frozen Yogurt

When it starts getting hot out, it's all "summer, summer, summertime" in my head. Yeah, like from the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince song. Other than daydreaming of being up in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, I constantly have cold treats on my mind—all summer long. Lucky for me, as a Menchie's Ambassador, I'll be enjoying cold treats at Menchie's locations this summer! Yippee! There's a location (with an awesome view of the Burrard Inlet and Lower Lonsdale) nearby where I live, in … [Read more...]

10 Creative Summer Boredom Busters {Guest Post}

Summer boredom busters

Hi, I'm Kari, and mommy to Elodie, a rambunctious, funny and preciously sweet toddler! I blog over at www.mommytoelodie.tumblr.com about our life in San Diego, and my quest for balance, wellness and simplicity in motherhood. I am a former Preschool teacher and current WAHM mama. I LOVE being a Mommy. Today I wanted to bring you 10 creative Summer boredom busters! Summers are so full of opportunities to create lasting childhood memories. But with the hot, long days, your children can … [Read more...]

Packed Schedule Calls for #LaundryRedefined

packed schedule - #laundryredefined

I'm participating in a VIN campaign for P&G. I'm receiving a fee for posting; however, all opinions are entirely my own. That's just how I roll. I am in no way affiliated with P& G and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. During hot summer days, when I want to spend time outdoors, and cool winter days when I'd rather be cozy with a loved one or checking out a favourite restaurant with family and friends, the last thing I want to do is cut the day short by having to do a load of … [Read more...]

3 Pure Products for Eco-Friendly Haircare

Mastey haircare

My hair is something people often comment on. Not to say that my hair the best thing since sliced bread or anything, but it is healthy-looking and shiny. I have sensitive scalp and prefer to purchase products that are eco-friendly and free off ingredients that cause irritation. Labelling is big for me. I don't like having to guess about ingredients, where things are made, and if the product will be suitable for my haircare needs. As a vegan, I love knowing that all of Mastey's products … [Read more...]

3 Things I’m Doing to Celebrate my 35th Birthday

homemade vegan pizza

35 feels like a milestone birthday. It's been a life-changing year, that's for sure. Many of my goals have been realized, and things have come in to place that will help me along with my long-term plans. Overall, I'm happy with how I'm celebrating my birthday, and look forward to the rest of the year. … [Read more...]

Get your Home Buying Questions Answered: #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat June 16 8:30PM ET


Buying a home isn't something you should leave to chance, or try to learn as you go. You have some important questions about the home buying process, so look to the experts for your answers. I'll be attending the Twitter chat to share my recommendations, plus getting some info to help with my own home buying process: … [Read more...]

How to Make Healthy Food Choices the Easy Way

Healthy Food Choices

My food choices are informed by the way I live life in general: I make them consciously and with deliberate action. You’ll find me at my local grocery store reading the backs of food packages, or selecting my favourite organic fruit and vegetables from the produce section. Knowing exactly what I’m putting in to my body is important to me. It’s been a while since I started making healthier food choices, choosing organic options—with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners—whenever … [Read more...]

I Love Vegetables! Do your Clothes Make you Feel Like Yourself?

Leggings - I love Veggies

What do the clothes you wear say about you? I'm not talking about looking at someone and judging them based on the brands they wear, or how soccer-mom-y they look. Do your clothes make you feel like yourself? I had to ask myself that, as I looked through my closet and dresser not long ago. I recently went through a purge and donated all the clothes that I no longer love and make me feel both beautiful and like myself. How much of what I had didn't fit that description? Oh, about 2 garbage bags … [Read more...]