Easy Spring Makeup Ideas

Spring Makeup Tips

Long months of staying inside is enough to leave most people excited to see colour again. For some, this shows up in the green grass and pretty pink or bright white flowers on cherry blossom trees. For others, who are still seeing snow, spring colour must be brought. Here are a few easy spring makeup ideas to get you looking forward to the warmer weather ahead:  … [Read more...]

Attention Fashion Lovers!


How to make a fashion book with Blurb: Blurb is a cool company that lets you make books about anything that interests you. And if you’re interested in fashion and style—and love to show it off—making a book of your personal fashion is a fantastic way to capture your sartorial genius for all time. Whether you want it just for yourself, so you can look through your greatest hits, or you’re a bit of an Internet fashionista who wants to make a book to sell, you’ll find these tips pretty … [Read more...]

An Innovative Way to Deal with Traffic Congestion

Besides being really expensive, the other thing people think about when I bring up the fact that I live in Vancouver, is the traffic congestion. Being as densely packed as it is, and there being such a short distance between traffic lights means that there are tons of cars on the road and it take a long time to go not-that-far. There are more and more high-rise buildings going up all the time, which doesn't ease traffic at all. Obviously, traffic congestion isn't a Vancouver-only problem; in … [Read more...]

Get Creative with Blurb

Blurb Comic

Attention creative types! This one is just for you: Ever wanted to make your own cartoon or comic book? You can do it without a publisher at Blurb! And if you're worried about quality, don't! Blurbpaired up with one of the all time comic book greats, Paul Rivoche, who is known for illustrations of Batman and Ironman to name a few. Heard of those guys? I thought so! Take a look at this video and try not to be inspired to write up your own book right now. … [Read more...]

Why I Must Watch The TV Show The Blacklist

The Blacklist

Monday nights I go on a sometimes scary, sometimes suspenseful, always dramatic adventure. I don't typically welcome drama in to my life—I certainly don't go around seeking out tense circumstances, daily see mysterious men with questionable intentions, or put myself in dangerous situations. While these things seem foreign to me, I am perfectly happy to cheer on FBI rookie profiler Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (Megan Boone) when I watch The Blacklist. If you haven't been following along, here are … [Read more...]

How to Cut Vegetables Uniformly


Do you like to prep your ingredients prior to starting to cook your meal? Or do you like to get things together as you go? Either way, I have a tool to show you that will make things go more smoothly. I've already shared why I love Microplane products—because they're designed well, have ultra-sharp blades, and make me feel like I am a professional chef in my own home. The Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade just reinforces my love for all things Microplane. This product slices and juliennes … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Spring with Stripes


Stripes are timeless, don't you think? I see them come out in different widths and colour combinations each year, though. I'm loving  the striped fashions I'm seeing so far this year in preparation for warmer spring and summer weather. My go-to combination is light grey and white stripes, but I've been really liking the blue and white combo lately. Do you have a favourite stripe combination? … [Read more...]

Top 3 Nail Polish Problems and Solutions

Carrie Underwood OPI

Ok, so, am I the only one who has issues with nail polish? You would think that it would be a simple thing right? Just like colouring…but on your fingers. I mean, we mastered colouring in kindergarten. Painting our nails should be a snap. But there is actually an art to it that I am learning about. So, I want to take a few minutes today to talk to you guys about some common nail polish problems and how to fix them. Then I want to tell you guys about a really awesome line of nail polish that I … [Read more...]

A Unique Addition to My Collection: Randolph Glasses

Glasses Randolph

All of you lucky people out there who have great vision may not understand where I am coming from with this one, but finding a great pair of glasses is “kind of a big deal”. It’s hard to find that perfect blend of functionality and style that I crave. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, glasses can be yet another way of making a fashion statement. The media may lead you to believe otherwise with their depictions of bespectacled people as being people who care more about books and grades than they do … [Read more...]

I’ve been Doing Some Research with The Dog Encyclopedia

Dog Encyclopedia

It's said that looking at pictures of babies and animals is a quick way to inject some happiness in to your day. This is likely why videos of baby animals are so popular on YouTube. Therefore, to say that DK Canada's The Dog Encyclopedia was a book of happiness wouldn't be much of a stretch. … [Read more...]