World Sight Day #WhoBlinkedFirst

As someone who wears glasses everyday, I definitely don't take my eyesight for granted. I'm happy to be working with to promote World Sight Day (October 9th), and to tell you about a way that you can help raise awareness for blindness and visual impairment. Who blinked first? Challenge your friends and family to the ultimate staring contest using hashtag #WHOBLINKEDFIRST. For every video shared with #WHOBLINKEDFIRST, will donate a pair of prescription … [Read more...]

Fall Beauty Tips: Choose a Weekly Polish in a Bold Shade

CND Vinylux

I like to change up my nail polish for each season. The leaves on the trees have been changing colour recently, and I've been seeing more sweaters, cardigans, boots and jackets showing up in all the shops. The bright blue and green nail polish from the CND Vinylux Paradise Collection I've been wearing all summer no longer seem to go with the colours of fall. The new Modern Folklore collection from CND Vinylux is inspired by Faberge and fine tapestry. The collection includes these 6 shades: … [Read more...]

Great Selection of Glasses on a Budget


Need glasses, but you're on a budget? Check out, where all frames include prescription lenses. Whether you need glasses for yourself or your children, or you're looking to add more frames to your eyeglass collection, the prices make it easy to choose. It's really easy to select glasses on the site, since all the measurements are listed. Want to see what the glasses will look like on you? Simply upload your own photo or choose one of the models' faces. I chose … [Read more...]

I Confess! 5 Things I Secretly Love about the End of Summer

end of summer

I always look forward to the end of spring, because I know sunshine and warm weather is heading our way — but then, too much hot weather makes me long for the cooler fall temperatures. I will miss the sunshine and all the festivals and events that happen here every summer, but fall offers plenty of other great things that I look forward to enjoying. Here is a quick list of 5 of them: Layers. I like wearing layers: cardigans, zip-up sweaters, real shoes (not sandals or flip-flops). Getting … [Read more...]

Pop Culture Lovers Guide to Canada

You may not know this about me, but I am a pop culture fanatic. I usually sneak in at least one pop culture reference in every conversation. Sometimes, people actually get the reference . . .and then we become friends. :) Did you know all these actors and actresses and musicians were from Canada? A couple of them surprised me. I live near the North Vancouver Film Studios, so see a lot of people who work on the sets and the occasional famous face. When I went to the University of British … [Read more...]

Fall Entertaining #PairingIdeas

vegan pumpkin dip

When entertaining friends and family, the challenge for me is putting together drinks and meals that are vegan-friendly yet also appealing to my non-vegan guests. Having a theme to work with is always helpful, as having too many options leaves me feeling scatter-brained and directionless. I have come up with several pairings here to give you some ideas for upcoming get-togethers (big or small) in the fall season. These pairings are all vegan (but if you really want to, you can use … [Read more...]

I Confess! Bikes, Fall TV, New Music, and More

This is a new weekly series all about what's going on on my end — what I'm currently listening to, watching, obsessing over and a confession, just for fun. I hope this will let you get to know me more and get conversations started on some of my favourite topics. Watching while I've been waiting for the new fall shows to start: Fargo The Amazing Race Canada Masterchef USA Loving this music: I'm listening to so much new music lately, that I have a new "playing this song on repeat" … [Read more...]

Stylish Mobile Accessories for People on the go (with Giveaway – Canada Only)

Stylish Mobile Accessories

I don't know about you, but I use my iPhone for pretty much everything — which means that the battery runs out fairly quickly. With all the use that phone-y gets, I feel safe knowing that she is protected from scratches and what-not with Belkin's TrueClear Invisiglass Screen Protector. I feel much better knowing that I won't run out of battery life at a crucial moment (like when I'm trying to watch funny animal videos or obsessively check my weather forecast app), and that my sweet iPhone is … [Read more...]

The Dyson AM06 Fan is Powerful yet Quiet

dyson desk fan

The Dyson Cool AM06 12" Desk Fan has powerful airflow, no spinning blades, and is easy to keep dust-free. Even on the lowest setting, this is one powerful fan! Dyson's AM06 12" Desk Fan is now 75% quieter, making this the perfect fan to keep in my bedroom. I've been using this powerful, yet super-quiet fan in my bedroom to create a cross-breeze and get me through the heat waves. I love that the sound of the fan doesn't bother me at night, and the great timer feature lets me keep it on for just … [Read more...]

Juicing vs Blending (with Infographic)

What's are the key differences with juicing vs blending? Well, there's a science behind it, as it turns out. I had no idea about the inherent differences between, for example, a green smoothie and green juice in terms of nutritional properties. The folks over at Juicing Science provide detailed information about (what else) the science of juicing. Here's a simple infographic for basic differences between juicing and blending: … [Read more...]