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Closet Organization with Rubbermaid Closet Organizers – Max Add-On System

I was able to organize my closet with the Rubbermaid Max Add-On system, provided to me.

A customized, built-in closet sounds pretty nice — but, unless you’re starting from scratch or plan to do a major renovation, you’ll have to think of another way to organize your closet, instead. Instead of a rigid system that is permanently installed in your closet, the Rubbermaid Max Add-On system can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be.

Everyone has different components that they need to organize in their closet — some people have more shirts than pants, or more sweaters than dresses. I think that I have about the same amount of skirts, blazers and tops — but not very many shorts, pants or dresses. Well, for now anyway! Who knows what I’ll find at the fall sample sales, later this year. It’s great to know that this closet organization system can change as my wardrobe does.

Rubbermaid closet organizers

The Rubbermaid Max Add-On system I received is customizable, removable and expandable. Those are 3 things that are definitely important to me, since I rent my apartment! I am lacking a lot of tools at the moment, but that’s okay — I actually didn’t need any to put together this system. The wooden hang bar in my current closet is more thick than a lot of the ones I’ve had in past closets. I was worried that the Max Add-On system wouldn’t work well or fit properly. As you can see, the adjustable system fit perfectly.

rubbermaid closet organization

While I don’t have a lot in terms of clothes, I do have a fair amount of shawls/bed covers and fabric. Instead of using the cloth bins that came with the system on the hanging unit, I used them elsewhere to keep my fabric tidy. I used two in my linen closet for additional organization.

rubbermaid closet organization

rubbermaid closet organization

This video will give you a good idea of the different configurations possible:

When I have more need of extra storage, I plan on using the second hanging unit and the hang bar, which can be placed at several heights. And then, if I somehow have need for LOTS of extra storage, I can always purchase additional products from Rubbermaid’s closet organization line!

I received the Rubbermaid Max Add-On system in order to write this feature. As always, I only work with and promote products that I can stand behind.

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