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How Would I DIY? Coffee Table

To get my creative juices flowing, and to post some fun content for my readers, I am starting a new series all about DIY–How Would I DIY? I’d love to read your comment and get some feedback on if you have tried doing a similar project, or if you have different ideas on what you would do with the piece. I look forward to hearing what you think – whether you agree with my ideas or not!

I saw this veneered coffee table at the Vancouver Habitat for Humanity Re-Store last weekend, and thought it had an interesting shape. The size and height are decent, perfect for a stack of magazines and enough room to put down a tray of snacks.

What would you do to this table? Do you think it’s worth saving? Because it is veneer, you can’t really strip it and paint it as you would with a wooden surface.

This particular ReStore has a huge selection of flooring (brand new in box) so, one idea might be to apply strips of wooden or veneered flooding to the top of this coffee table. I imagine you could remove the bottom piece if you wanted to, or keep it as-is for magazines etc.

I wonder if tiling would work, if this was strong enough. I would try doing that because the top would be a lot more durable of a finish.

DIY Coffee Table


I am not delusional—the table will never look like this:

Source: via Ganesh on Pinterest

What do you think? What would you do with this coffee table? Or – do you think it’s hopeless?


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