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Craft Room Inspiration

Although it might be a dream for the time being, I hope one day to have a dedicated studio/craft room again. I used to live in a live/work studio for a few years, in Vancouver. I found having my space set up to be a place for pursuing creativity first, and a cozy place to live second made me so much more productive—I had tons of space for all my supplies, room to work and enough room to really feel and creative. It really helped that the whole building was filled with people who’s homes were set up similarly—spaces where creative types/artists worked and lived in the same open-concept place.

Here are some inspiring photos to give  you some ideas on what to include in your craft room/studio. I’ll get in to more details in the next few days about specific products and organizational tips for these creative spaces.

martha stewart craft space

photo from Martha Stewart – this is her craft room in her Bedford, NY home.

craft room

photo source

Source: via Amber on Pinterest


craft room

photo source

What would you want your craft space to look like?

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