Creating a Craft Space with Limited Room


I’ve been talking about craft rooms or studios this week, and sharing ideas on how to put them together and organize the space. . . but what if you can’t dedicate a whole room to crafting? Here are some ideas for making the most of smaller spaces.

closet office space

closet craft


This reminds me a bit of Paris from the tv show Gilmore Girls, but how about setting up a desk or table in the corner of a bedroom or living room? The key here would be making sure there was enough room for storage, and putting away supplies after using them, since this area would be out in the open.

You’ve probably seen pictures of closet-conversions, where offices have been built in to closets. What if you set it up with long, narrow built-in ledges on the sides of the wall (for a walk-in closet), and put them all the way to the ceiling for maximum storage?


These are just 2 of many possibilities. How else could you carve out creative space in your home?

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