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Creating Modern Country Décor

Whether you call it rustic-modern or modern-country, this style of décor evokes a certain feeling. This style shows that one enjoys living in and keeping up with current style trends yet has an appreciation for and classic elements of design.

If you’re updating the look of an older home that has, for instance, lots of pine flooring, baseboards, etc. you’ll want to try and update the look with more modern pieces, so as not end up with a dated feel.

White Kitchen Cabinets

white bathroom

Pictures via EHomeE

Elements You Will Want to Add:

Simple Surfaces and Open Spaces

Older homes tend to have multiple, smaller rooms. Opening up the space by removing walls is a great idea to create more openness. Creating vignettes to separate different activities can easily be achieved, and having larger rooms can be a good way to ensure spaces are being used to the of their ability. In the photo below you will notice the nice, industrial-looking hood-fan, and lack of upper cabinets to keep the space light and airy. There is also a lack of chandelier or hanging fixture—instead there are numerous recessed pot-lights to add some light to the space.

Open Kitchen

Industrial Accents

When you think of ‘country’ style do you think of painted loons, hay/straw coming out of vintage pitchers, and lots of accessories? It’s true that this country style can look too fussy, with too many accent pieces and accessories. You’ll want to be careful about choosing pieces you love or that serve a particular function. Don’t be afraid to keep extra accessories in storage and change them out with your on-display pieces every season! When decorating in a modern country style, think about adding simple, industrial elements, in addition to your comfort pieces of choice.

Raw Look

Photo via Canadian House and Home

Vintage or Antique Pieces

Classic accessories and accents are timeless. I like the look of this Antique Swivel Picture Frame:

picture frame

Do you like this look? What elements would you add to the modern country look to make it your own?

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