Danze Chrome Shower Head Review


When you start with a shower head that dangles from an extended wand, your reaction to a new shower head may be a bit exaggerated. I guess I didn’t realise how much such a small product would change the look of a . I like the black and white tiles in the shower stall in my mom’s house, but the room needs some serious work — the new Danze 4 ½” 200E Shower Head in Chrome was a huge improvement, not only aesthetically but in terms of the shower flow quality. 

danze shower

Beautiful in its simplicity I like the shininess and modern look of the Danze shower head. 

The bathroom (with just a shower stall) is quite small—meaning that every piece in the room has high impact. When you decorate a room with inferior products in such a small space, their inadequateness is amplified. My mom’s bathroom shower head was one of those inexpensive ones on a handheld wand, except that it no longer held in place, so the head dangled.


BEFORE: Not the most appealing shower head is it? And why is it mounted so close to the ceiling?

shower head

AFTER: It couldn’t have been easier to install this shower head—I just unscrewed the old wand/shower head put the enclosed white plumber’s tape around the threads and screwed on the new Danze shower head!

I didn’t see any water leaking when I turned on the shower. I really like the waterflow—not too streamlined, but also not too splayed. The weight of the shower head is nice and heavy—which speaks to the quality of it.

Information about the shower head from the Danze website:

List Price: $50.00

Product Description:

  • Pressure Manifold™ & Air Injection Technology.
  • Brass ball joint with polymer shell.
  • Optimizes water intensity even at low pressure.
  • 40 easy clean jets.
  • Maximum flow rate 2.0 gpm @ 20 – 80 psi.
  • Uses 20% less water than a standard showerhead flowing at 2.5 gpm.

Product Package Dimensions
5.375″(L) x 5.825″(W) x 4.875″(H) , 0.88(lbs)

danze shower

This shower head is available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel. It is valued at $50 and is available at many hardware stores.

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