Decorate Workshop Encourages Happy Decorating


Workshop. The word itself brings back memories of my days of studying interior design with a small group of students. We were excited to be using a hand-on approach to our studying. Playing with your is bad, but playing with fabric scraps, swatches and furniture clippings was actually encouraged in this course!

Holly Becker’s newest book, Decorate Workshop, brings fun to the decorating process. I’ve seen pictures of an in-person workshop that Holly held for a few students in her Hannover, Germany studio,  so I know that she definitely encourages playing. 


I’m really loving the cheery, sunny floral patterns, dish-ware and that flower paper clip!


I, admittedly, don’t have excess fabric and other bits and pieces to play with. Instead, I have online sources, like Pinterest, to play with, get by and bookmark my favourite things on.


I’ve started collecting inspirational sayings, little pictures that I like, nicknacks and cute things that my friends send me. I have a small section of one of my walls where I have these little loves. When you live in a shared space, you naturally have to compromise a bit when it comes to decorating. So, what do I want in my apartment? That section of the wall is a starting point, and Decorate Workshop will also help me get to where I want to be.

The sections in this book encourage finding out what you really want your to look like, and how to achieve the look. I love the way you can actually write in the book on lined sections to help you really make the most out of the book/workshop.

decorate workshop

decorate-workshop-book-Not a stuffy book with inspirational pictures, without suggestions on how to actual get the same look, Decorate Workshop takes us to some of the most stylish homes where real people live. The pictures aren’t too cleaned-up looking, so when I look through the book I feel like the looks are actually achievable.

decorate-workshopThere are pictures in frames on my walls, currently—but they are too carefully-framed. Taking inspiration from this book, I see that I need to add in more layers, and things that I’m really passionate about. I don’t want to have to worry about the walls being bare, just because I rent this apartment. I’m kind of used to only living in a place for a short period of time, so I tend to feel like I am unable to settle in, in terms of decorating. I can’t wait to share my personal with all of you on my new blog (this is my first time mentioning it—more details to follow).

Would you say that your home reflects your personal style?

I received Decorate Workshop: Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps, which is available from Amazon, as well as your local bookstores, for review purposes. All opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Oh no I really needed this! My home definitely does not reflect my personal style but I really wanted it to! I also want to make it look neat like the one on the magazine. I even want interior decorators to come to my house to fix it but I guess I don’t have the budget for that. Plus, I really want to decorate it myself I just am not gifted to think about ideas for my home. Thanks for this post though. I just got an idea and it just motivated me.
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  2. Hi Maria – I'm so glad I motivated you! It really is a great book that makes you think about how to go about creating your personal style (yourself).

  3. shoppingduck says:

    This book looks great. I am not the best decorator and I really need something like this.
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  4. I can say with out a doubt that my own has my style as well as the husband's and kids. Husband's superhero collection is on the opposite shelf of my books. :)
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  5. Thank you for this beautiful review of my book, I am honored!
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