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Decorating the Kitchen for Christmas {Guest Post}

With the holidays right around the corner, you’ll find that there is no better time for you to start decorating your kitchen. While we all think about sitting down to food with our friends or family or gathering by the television and watching our favorite holiday movies, it is always worth your time to think about decorating the kitchen. The kitchen is where a lot of the work takes place, and it should be as festive any other part of your home.
Cork Tiles and Push Pins
A few cork tiles mounted on your wall can make a huge difference to your holiday kitchen. For example, you’ll discover that there will be plenty of people sending you cards. Use push pins to mount these cards up in your kitchen. Not only will they provide you with a gorgeous compliment to your kitchen, they will also remind you of the people who love you and wanted to wish you well during the holiday season! You will also find that as your kids bring home their paper holiday projects, you can tack them to the board as well.

Gift Wrapping Your Refrigerator Door
When you want to do something festive and eye-catching, you’ll find that wrapping paper can go a long way. Use two sided tape applied to the edge of your refrigerator door to hold wrapping paper to the front of the refrigerator. This is a great choice when you want something big and bold in your kitchen, but you don’t want to take up more floor space. You can very easily stick your magnets back on the refrigerator after everything is wrapped. You can leave the wrapping paper plain, or you can simply add a few ribbons or bows to the surface. If you want something truly impressive, take a moment to wrap the sides of the refrigerator as well!

Just because you cannot necessarily put a Christmas tree in the kitchen does not mean that you cannot make use of garlands! Garlands can be strung up along your walls, over your sink or draped over the edges of your cabinets, and making them is incredibly simple. When you want something simple and easy, simply string a length of yarn through a tapestry needle and string lots of unsalted, unflavored popcorn. If you want the garland to look a little more lively, intersperse every few popcorn kernels with a piece of dried fruit, like dried orange wedges or cranberries.

If you are interested in decorating your kitchen for Christmas, there are plenty of great options for you. Consider which projects you want to take on as things get busier and busier for the coming holidays.

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