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Deluxe Cozy Media Rooms For Winter Entertaining

With winter upon us soon, I start to think about spending time in a cozy, basement media room. Sure, you could put up a tv mounted to a wall and set up a sofa in front of it—but why stop there? Since I was a child, I’ve been dreaming of having a media room. I used to have fun drawing floor plans of exactly how I wanted my media room to be laid out.

All the extras
On my old floor plans, I remember putting in vintage jukeboxes, popcorn machines, and other movie theatre necessities. As winter approaches, and I feel more like staying in and relaxing, I find myself thinking back to my dream of having a nice media room.

entertaining media roomI like the ‘ticket booth’ behind glass, the bar, popcorn machine and the cinema sign. It’s cool, because the card table, jukebox and bar are like the ‘lobby’ and the archway leads in to the actual media room.

If you build it, they will come?!
Right now, I don’t entertain guests, especially not for movie nights, but maybe if I build a really nice media room, guests will be more willing to hang out?

Media RoomWho wouldn’t want to come over—check out these seats!

Media RoomThe one above is amazing—love the framed movie posters and the wood frame around the tv.

Media Room

I like the starry ceiling—like you’re watching movies outside.

Vanguard Studios Media Room

What would you like in a media room? Do you have a set-up that you like for watching movies/tv?

Check out all the photos above and see the rest of the spaces—other photos of the same rooms posted by the interior designer who designed them—on

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