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Getting Ready for Cooler Temperatures with a New DownLinens Comforter

How did DownLinens know that I was on the market for a comforter? It’s a little funny, but I have a King sized comforter and a twin sized quilt that my best friend made me—even though I have a double/full bed. The king sized comforter worked well enough for winter, but the excess material that dragged on the floor always bothered me, plus, I didn’t have an extra one for guests. I like having a slightly larger cover on my bed, so I’m happy to have received a queen sized comforter.

I find it really difficult to sleep when my bed cover is too heavy or too light, which is why I like this All Season DownLinens Comforter. It feels a lot like the one I had when I lived in Auckland, New Zealand for a year. Can you believe that central heating isn’t the norm in New Zealand? It was absolutely freezing in winter, and I had to heat my apartment with a plug-in oil heater and try to keep warm under a comforter like this one. I remember spending mornings cozied up in bed reading or playing Pokemon on my DS Lite, avoiding leaving my bed for as long as possible!

Downlinens Duvet

I don’t yet have a duvet cover for my new comforter, but for now, I’m enjoying the “naked” comforter on top of my bed. I can’t believe how quickly the temperature has dropped, after such a long, hot summer. This comforter really couldn’t have come at a better time.

Downlinens duvet

Seeing this picture makes me think that I really need to paint my bed frame. This new comforter will be great for fall, spring and winter. It is supposed to be for all 4 seasons, but it tends to get really hot in my apartment during the summer months. I can’t wait to hang out in bed this winter, tucked in under this super soft and comfy comforter. Saturdays and Sundays are going to be so much better now—cooler temperatures, and being able to lie under this comforter for a while in the mornings. I don’t remember there ever being times when my brother and I would gather on my mom’s bed on weekends—she was always awake and making breakfast way before either of us were up.

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The product reviewed and the content for this post was sourced from DownLinens, online resources and family traditions.

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