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Fighting Cabin Fever in Vancouver

Though I rarely suffer from boredom, due to the fact that I am interested in too many things, I do tend to get restless. Being cooped up inside for an extended period of time will always leave me wanting to get out of the house, if only to go for a walk. Going for a walk is definitely a great way to combat cabin fever. Walking helps you clear your head, gives you exercise and makes you happy. My friend Isra advocates bundling up and going out for a walk, even with 3 kids and several feet of snow to deal with.

 My solution for fighting cabin fever in ? Boats.

Walk to the boats, if you can. There are marinas and docks throughout the city and the Lower Mainland. I find looking out on to the water to be really soothing, but it also does more for me than that. 

vancouver cabin fever

Boats are like birds to me —they signify freedom. I’ve already felt like a (falling?) bird once in my life, but haven’t been out on a boat for more than a few hours. I would relish the opportunity to charter a sailboat for a few days to experience the open water around the West Coast of Canada. This isn’t something most people would choose to do, or is necessarily possible with most sailboats, this time of year — but dreaming is available year-round.

So, go for a walk, check out a local marina and daydream about hopping on one of the gorgeous boats you see docked there.

How do you fight cabin fever in your city?

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