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Game of Thrones Party Ideas

In my opinion, you don’t need a special occasion to throw a Game of Thrones themed party. Whatever the occasion—birthday, halloween, baby shower, or weekend BBQ—it’s always a good time to celebrate the realm. I guess you need to ask yourself, which house are you loyal to? Or do you want to have a more general Game of Thrones party (as long as everyone gets along and there are no beheadings, this could be fun)?

You’ll need everyone to drink out of Game of Thrones themed mugs, and glasses—either from themed ones, or really solid beer steins. 

Decorations for your party


From Etsy shop Harshness

winter is coming game of thrones

From Etsy shop Faith Hope Trick

Apparently, at my ideal Game of Thrones Party I will mainly be serving dessert . . .with some veggies and bread thrown in for filler foods.

 Themed desserts are a must.

How about invitations? If sending a raven to get the word out is out of the question, how about just an invitation on Facebook or something casual like a text or email? I’m all for formal invitations, but it seems like more often than not people don’t end up getting them in time, they get lost (on the way, or after they arrive), and you just never end up getting people to R.S.V.P. What do you think?

Ideas for your Game of Thrones party 

Have guests dress up as their favourite characters, play games and have teams based on guests’ favourite families, watch your favourite episode(s) of the show, playful (not fight-to-the-death) jousting, or you can just sit around eating the above cupcakes, talking about your favourite parts of the show/books.

game of thrones cast


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