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Gifts for Men that I Also Want

Last year, I wrote the post Guy-Centric Gifts Women Secretly Want Too. In that post, I talked about how women may not want another ‘girly’ gift for the holiday season—yet another scarf, piece of jewelry, makeup item, or cute nicknack. Of course, I totally know people who do want those things. Or things for the kitchen, generally. In fact, one Christmas someone I know requested a new pair of oven mitts for her gift.

The list of items in the post that were on the Sharp for Men list of things men wanted as gifts included really lavish things like boats, cars and home theatre systems. While I would be over the moon to receive any of those as gifts, I’m afraid that they would not be in the budget for anyone would likely be gifting me anything these days. 

gifts for men

So, what typically-male gift (on a small budget) would I love to have this year?

  • Tools – not pink ones, but actual tools. . .the basics like a hammer, set of screwdrivers, utility knives, hanging supplies, a wrench, etc.
  • Headphones – this is the perfect gift for men and women. . .who doesn’t like to listen to music? I’m longing for a pair of earphones that are of decent quality that don’t fall out of my ears when I’m on the go.
  •  Cufflinks – Yes, women have shirts with French cuffs, too.
  • A Lighter – A Zippo or a more outdoorsy lighter, just don’t get me a $1 Bic one from the corner store.
  • Camping Supplies – I’m very picky in this area, though—so ask before you buy, or get me the most expensive version of whatever it is. That works, too.

Last year, I asked (and am asking again):

What gifts do you wish you could get for the holidays or other occasions, that your male friends and family seem to be lucky enough to be given?

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