My GMC Acadia Denali Adventure #ChevyDrive

I love my car, but she doesn’t get jealous when I drive other vehicles—so I took the opportunity to check out the new 2014 GMC Acadia Denali. I had a little #ChevyDrive adventure recently.

It should be pretty obvious that a vehicle like the GMC Acadia Denali is family-friendly. There’s room for 7 people in it! Of course, there are other types of families that don’t necessarily have little ones that need to be put in to their car seats and strapped in. How about a group of ladies who want to carpool to a networking event all the way in Surrey? You can save a lot of gas when everyone piles in to a single vehicle like this one, when carpooling. 

2014 GMC Acadia Denali

The picture above is from one of the sunny days during my adventure. Other days it poured  and poured. The huge tires, wide-viewing mirrors, and efficient windshield wipers saved the day!

Here’s a safety feature that anyone will appreciate:

Rear-vision camera – with a vehicle that’s this long, it’s hard to judge distances when you’re not used to driving it around. . .this camera made things much easier.

Here a few features that this single lady appreciates:

I was driving in style in this luxury crossover SUV. Heating and cooling seats! This was one of my favourite things about driving this vehicle. I had occasion to use both—it was really warm (yes, in November – I love Vancouver) one day, so I just HAD to try out the cooling seats feature. I’ll be daydreaming of having this luxury addition during the summer when it really gets hot outside.

The Bose stereo system and Sirius Satellite made for an amazing combo. I miss listening to the 90s station played on those amazing speakers. The touch-screen system for selecting music, putting in GPS coordinates and addresses and all the other great features, was easy to use and well-placed. I really appreciated the easy to use GPS system. It was easy to update and follow.

There are more features than I could possibly share here, so go over to the Chevrolet Canada website to read the info, check out the pictures and watch the videos.

 Check out my video for more on what I liked about the 2014 GMC Acadia Denali and what my favourite features are:

I didn’t receive anything from Chevrolet Canada, but they did lend me this sweet 2014 GMC Acadia Denali, because they know how much I love adventures!

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