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Granville Island Wooden Boat Festival

Over the weekend we headed across the Burrard Inlet from North to False Creek, to check out the Wooden Boat Festival on Granville Island. Even if there wasn’t a festival going on, we’d be able to see dozens of sailboats, yachts and speedboats around Granville Island and False Creek. Vancouver’s mild climate means that people can live on their boats year-round, though most people seem to moor them somewhere and take them out on the weekends—near Vancouver or around the many islands close by.

granville island

Granville Bridge and a few of the smaller wooden boats.

wooden boat


wooden boat

The boat above is enormous – definitely enough room for 2 people to live on and have a few guests occasionally.

wooden boat

I could really picture myself sitting here surrounded by windows looking out on the water!

One of my dreams is to sail — for several weeks on end, overseas. Seeing that people do just that at the festival, in a gorgeous wooden boat no less, makes me want to do so even more.

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