Halloween DIY & Handmade Ideas Roundup


It took a while to finally hit us, but now is definitely here—leaves changing colour is only one part of that. It’s rainy here in Vancouver, with no sign of it stopping until late spring! I know it’s late in to the year now that Canadian Thanksgiving has passed. Time to get things ready for Halloween, and rainy fall days are perfectly spent crafting. 

I love this idea of cutting up children’s paintings are creating greeting cards from them (only slightly-enhanced by mom):

halloween cards

Alpha Mom handmade DIY halloween cards

Source: theberry.com via Glitter on Pinterest


How about a fun, and simple halloween garland?

Source: squidoo.com via Anna on Pinterest


Or maybe this one?


This topiary looks fantastic, if you’re a little bit more ambitious!


Will you be putting together some halloween DIY projects this month?

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