Handmade Gifts for Tech Lovers


Tech lovers love technology and gadgets, obviously. But, they also love handmade gifts, like the ones I’m sharing below.

zelda necklace

Buy this and other handmade kawaii and geek jewelry from Jenny Loves Kawaii

blue typewriter

Obviously this would be a very generous , seeing as how it is about $700—but if you find a cool typewriter elsewhere, you can purchase a conversion kit for only $75 that will allow you to use it in the same way.

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard — Smith Corona Sterling “Mad Men” Style

laptop case

This combination laptop/iPad padded case is affordable—only $27 and comes in a variety of patterns. This boat pattern is my top pick. Purchase this and other cases from Sunflowercase

These are just a few of the geeky gifts I found while browsing online. For hundreds more handmade (and not) options, check out one of my favourite sites—Geek Sugar.

What are your favourite gifts to get the geek(s) in your life?

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