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Happy New Year—Being My Best Self

It’s finally here—2013! Happy new year blog readers and friends!!

I’m really excited to start on the next journey of my life. Throughout this year, I’ll be sharing my tips for organizing your home and life, and focusing on new adventures and exciting experiences. I have so many ideas and can’t wait to get started.

I will be focusing on saving money and financial security, now that I am back in Vancouver. Most of my future plans are either financial or social in nature. I’ll be exploring the city and surrounding areas more, rather than travelling overseas or outside the country, as I have in past years. I’ll also be trying new adventures as part of my explorations in the Vancouver area. There are a lot of things that I’ve always wanted to try —nothing bad, just taking lessons in things I’m interested in, and that sort of thing.

2013photo via Bloesem

There are a few blog conferences that I would love to attend, assuming I am able to save enough money for that purpose before then. If I can’t attend any outside the city, there are a few local ones that would still be interesting and beneficial. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to attend events and work with sponsors in 2012, since I moved back to Vancouver. I also had some great opportunities to work with non-profits, like Habitat for Humanity. I am looking forward to more store openings, press events and similar opportunities this year.

I am really passionate about home décor and design, and plan on sharing some store tours and home tours with you, in the coming months. If you have a store you’d like me to tour, please contact me. Also, if you have rooms in your home, before/after photos or similar, I’d be pleased to feature you and your home on Being Tazim.

I’d love to hear about your and plans for the new year. If you’ve written a blog post, please share it in the comments.

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Source: via Sherri on Pinterest

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