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Here’s a Quick List of iPhone Essentials

Before you load up your with zillions of apps, you have to take care of the essentials. It may be true that all I could think about when I picked up my new from the mobile store was all the great cases I could now outfit my phone in.

I know that some people like to have “naked” gadgets, but if I’m going to spend several (several) hundred dollars on something that is going to get a ton of ware, you can bet that I’m going to be taking good care of it! A cute case is. . .well, cute obviously. . .but what good is it, really, if it doesn’t do much to protect your new toy?

iPhone Essentials

Here is my list of iPhone Essentials:

  1. An awesome case to protect your new gadget. The Orla Kiely iPhone 5s case I received has many of my favourite colours all together, in a cheerful pattern. This makes for one happy iPhone. The case is soft, but has button covers on the sides and wraps around the front of the phone, so everything is well-protected.
  2. A wall charger. This pretty pink one works well as an on-the-go charger. That bright colour will make it easier to spot – and you’ll be less likely to leave it behind. I wouldn’t want to lose my one and only factory-fresh wall charger, so I am glad to have this one from Belkin to keep in my purse when I leave the house.
  3. A car charger. If you use your iPhone as a GPS or are app-happy, you’ll want to be able to charge your iPhone while you’re driving so you don’t end up getting stranded somewhere with no means of communicating with others, whether in an emergency or otherwise. Pick up a car charger.
  4. Sport-Fit Armband. A hands-free iPhone case like the Sport-Fit Armband is perfect for when you need to quickly head to the corner store and don’t want to take a ton of stuff with you. There is a handy key-holder, and enough room to slide in a couple bills or your debit card behind your iPhone. Of course, if you’re a runner – this is MADE for you! Just attach your headphones, slide your arm through and you’re ready to go!

Check out the rest of the Orla Kiely iPhone 5s cases, other cases and tons of other fun accessories (which are totally essential).

I want to know what the first things you bought when you got your new iPhone are – and what you consider to be essentials!

I’m lucky enough to have received the 4 iPhone Essentials pictured above. I am all about telling it like it is—so, obviously. . . all opinions are my own. Just the way it should be.

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