Hollywood Glamour Bedroom Décor


When my parents bought their first , and I was just in high school, I dreamt of decorating my in a ‘Hollywood Glamour’/ movie theatre theme. I didn’t get very far, though—I just ended up painting my walls dark purple, and hanging up large posters of my favourite movies in silver frames. This look is much more sophisticated, with beautiful wallpaper (preferably with a bit of shimmer to it), and mirrored/shiny lamps.

glam bedroom

photo via Houzz

When I think of this look, I imagine lots of luxe—drapes, velvet, silver and gold, wallpapered walls.

glam closet

To go along with a glamorous bedroom, you’ll need a glam walk-in closet, too. Glam Closet

glam dressing

The silvery drapes and the quilted velvet headboard are glamorous enough, but check out that (faux) zebra-skin rug! A mirrored end table or lamp would really make this look hollywood glam.

glam bedroom

photo source

Mirrored end tables and dresses are always great for adding some glamour to your bedroom:

mirror end table

mirror end table

mirrored end tables from West Elm

What do you think of this look? Would you include certain elements in to your own bedroom? 

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  1. I pretty much want everything in all of those pictures! Lovingg the animal print carpet and that closet looks aammaazzinnggg!!

  2. Okay, my room now looks like a style deprived hot mess compared to these photos! I want to redecorate now & Mr. Man is going to roll his eyes and ask who put the though in my head as he hands me the credit card! Lol. I definitely would like to add a touch of wall paper similar to that of the first photo and I love the mirrored accents. Thanks for the inspiration!
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  3. I am loving the clean lines and modern shapes. Dreaming!!!
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  4. The mirrored end tables and the ceiling in the closet are fabulous!
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  5. If I lived alone, I would love the purple room. The first pic is beautiful and I wish I could talk my husband into something like this!!

  6. wow i love it all! want it now!

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