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How to Get the Glam Gold Décor Look in your Home

Hollywood glam has long been a popular theme, but I’ve been seeing gold more than usual this season in everything from fashion to makeup to home décor products. An all-out glam gold theme can look fabulous when it comes to makeup and clothing, but an all-gold interior? I have some recommendations for you to get the most from the glam gold below, with on adding just enough sparkle to not overwhelm the overall scheme. 

glam gold decor

gold glam decor

It’s all in the details

To get the most of the glam gold décor trend, focus on the accessories. Gold on top of gold on top of gold would be a sophisticated look for a restaurant or hotel, but I recommend choosing key gold accents to spread throughout your home, instead.

To really make those gold accents stand out, keep other colours and metal elements to a minimum. You really want to make gold the focal point of your décor look, so I recommend creating vignettes with two or three decorative gold items grouped together. One example of a way to achieve this is by grouping a solid-coloured gold vase with a glitzy gold picture frame and a decorative bowl or tray. These three gold items together will give you a classic glamorous look in a concentrated area.

While my favourite way to add gold to your décor is through small accessories, I would also advocate adding in a few larger gold elements. When you’re thinking about larger gold pieces, an end table or a lamp would be my top choices.

Use gold in unexpected ways

Make the most everyday occasion sparkle with gold accents. Although I don’t have statistics to back me up, I have a feeling that drinking from gold-rimmed wine glasses will make you feel more optimistic about the future. An otherwise plain cushion will look more sophisticated with a gold band around the perimeter or even just on one edge.

You can achieve subtle sophistication by using gold thread stitched in a line or freeform pattern on otherwise plain curtains. A more idea is to try adding gold curtain pull-backs as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think of the glam gold trend? How have you added elements of gold to your décor?

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