How to Steam Clean Your Floors


Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping. . .I’ve tried everything to get my kitchen floors clean. I cook often, so the kitchen definitely gets well-used. Every time I cook, I notice these spots on the floor that just don’t seem to clean up. I really thought that those spots were just part of the linoleum, after a while. Earlier today those spots came off my kitchen floor—finally. What did I do to clean the floor?

steam clean

Things to keep in mind:

  • The floor you are going to be steam must be sealed. Do not attempt to steam clean your un-sealed wood flooring!
  • This may seem obvious, but steam is hot—be careful when you’re using the steam wand.
  • The amount of water you put in to the steam cleaner will determine how long you can steam clean for. If you need to fill the tank with more water, you’ll need to turn off the machine and wait for it to cool down for 10 minutes, first.

home right steamer
The SteamMachine from Right comes with a lot of attachments and specialty pieces to clean every room, and those hard to reach areas.

What I used to steam clean my kitchen floor:

  • both extension rods
  • large brush cleaner
  • cloth floor pad
  • angled adaptor

I filled up the water tank, with the provided funnel and measuring cup, to use the SteamMachine for 30 minutes. Aside from wanting to clean the kitchen floor, I also wanted to tackle the floor. the steam cleaner has a grounded (3 prong) plug, so I made sure to plug it in to a grounded outlet. I used the one on my stove because I’m always worried about blowing the breaker in my apartment.

steamer home right

The cleaning cloth attached to the large cleaning brush with heavy-duty clips. After waiting the 8 minutes needed for the steam to build up and the unit to get hot enough, I started pressing the nozzle to push out the steam from the large brush with the cleaning pad attached.

home right

With a bit of elbow grease and some steam, I worked on cleaning the floor in my kitchen. The flooring is linoleum in the kitchen and tile in the bathroom. I next want to try out my steam cleaner on bathtub surround and around the sink. If I had this steam cleaner when I was at my mom’s house, I would have used it to steam-off the ugly wallpaper in the family room and downstairs bathroom! There are so many attachments on this steam cleaner, so I know I’ll keep thinking of ways that I can use it.

I received the HomeRight SteamMachine in order to write this feature.

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    Anne Taylor

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