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How Would I DIY? Wooden China Cabinet

When looking for a piece of furniture for the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge , I came across this amazing credenza. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too big for the challenge, so it remained at the Vancouver ReStore, waiting for someone else to DIY it up. What potential, though. . .what would you do with this piece and how would you use it? 

china cabinet

The bones of this piece are great—it’s sturdy, nothing is broken or badly needing repairs. It would be easy enough to sand and paint this piece and what about the top? Wouldn’t some vintage-looking tiles look amazing and make this great to use as a bar? There’s lots of room for bottles, glasses, and whatever else is needed. I love the retro handles and the lines of this piece. This was only $90 and could look like it was worth hundreds, for sure.

china cabinet

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