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I Love Blogs #BlogHug

Inspired by Holly Becker (of Decor8)’s post on giving bloggers a big hug, showing appreciation, and sharing the bloggy love, I decided to join in on the fun. I follow a ridiculous amount of —via e-mail, Facebook. twitter, Pinterest, and via the 2 apps I use on my iPad (Flipboard being my favourite).

I’ve shared my love for blogs several times here, and will be doing so again (and again) in the future. I confess that I don’t watch the news (I always say I don’t have cable as the reason why, but even if I did. . .), or read newspapers, but I always find time and the desire to read and flip through dozens of blogs a day. I’m so inspired by what bloggers share visually and what they say.

One of the first blogs I ever read was SF Girl by Bay, written by Victoria, who is based in San Francisco. I loved and still love her sense of style, her home décor ideas and her gorgeous pictures of beautiful San Francisco. From there, I started reading tons of other fabulously inspiring home décor and design blogs, like Holly Becker’s Decor8, DesignSponge, Poppytalk (which I love because it is local to my own city, Vancouver) and so many others.

I love blogs of all kinds

Other than creative blogs, I love reading blogs written by my bloggy friends, on a variety of topics. Isra Hashmi inspires me on so many levels. I’m kind of a fan girl, really. She’s currently working on a year-long project all about finding and creating happiness. Her happiness challenge gets me thinking each week about doing simple things that make me happy. I hope to have a happier year this year, thanks in part to Isra, who writes the blog The Frugalette. Isra and her family are debt free, which is super inspiring, as well!

What blogs inspire you?

I’d love to get to know you and your blog – if you have one, share the link in the comments! If you love blogs, too – share this post.

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