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Ideal Deck Designs for Backyard Fun!

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

What good is having a if you can’t enjoy it? A backyard with grass, grass, and more grass is annoying to maintain, not to mention only somewhat useful. Putting a patio set on uneven grass makes little sense. Since I’m not ready to stop enjoying meals outside when I’m at my mom’s house, I’ve been looking at decking materials to put together a deck in the backyard.

Of the decking materials I saw on the Royal Building Products website, I like the Zuri Premium Decking the most. Gorgeous Walnut or Pecan replica hardwood make for a great-looking place to set-up a patio set. I like how this material is really durable-it doesn’t absorb moiture from weather or spilled drinks-and you don’t need to paint, stain, or seal! You don’t have to worry about your decking rotting, cracking, molding or staining over time. The solid construction of the decking materials from Royal Building Products are solidly constructed in such a way that insect damage is prevented.

What are ideal deck designs for backyard fun? I like when decks are built to be large enough to encompass patio sets, but also have a bit of room around them. Enough room for expansion, is a good idea. If you think you might be having backyard parties in the future, it may be a good idea to put in a larger deck than you’d currently need. Additionally, don’t forget about the accessories, like your BBQ, which will need space on your deck.

What are your favourite designers for decks? What material is yours made from? You can take a look at the Royal Building Products’ website for a variety of photos and ideas on how to design your deck and what decking materials to use.

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