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Fashion Fix-It from is A Belt for Upcoming Holiday Events

Holiday parties are coming up—and birthdays, and all sorts of other get-togethers and special occasions. One of the last things I want to worry about is my belt creating a bulge, or straps getting in the way of an otherwise beautiful outfit. Where am I going with this? Well, I received a really great package from is A Belt with the best products for preparing for a holiday party. 

beltsThere are combo packs available, that include a wide (1 inch) plus an original belt (1/2 inch).

Of course, these invisible belts will come in handy year-round for pants and jeans, as well as for dress pants that I plan on wearing over the next few weeks. If you will be tucking in a shirt, you may be interested in the black unisex belt from is A Belt, pictured above. I like the width of it and the fact that is makes my outfit look good, because there is no pant bulge.

With the rainy season upon us, here in Vancouver, I know that many people will be wearing rain boots or winter boots. Mine always seem to fall down—does this also happen to you? There’s a solution from is A Belt available that will help with that, and also keep your pants held down when putting them in to your boots, called is A Strapdowns:

beltRemember earlier, I mentioned the straps being visible under a dress? Well, with the Strapsecure you don’t need to worry about that!

I tried out one of the wide belts the other day, and found it to be easy to adjust, though a little ‘sticky’ as the plastic kept wanting to get stuck to itself, as you can see in the picture below. Obviously, you won’t need to adjust it all the time, so this isn’t a big issue.

belt clear

The clasp on the belt is comfortable and secure, and easy to undo.

is A Belt

Another benefit to these belts, other than the fact that they are invisible, is that they stretch a bit. This is helpful for when you sit down—it doesn’t feel like your belt is cutting in to your stomach! Overall, after having tested out these product for a few days, I am impressed. These is A Belt products do exactly what they say they will, they are also affordable, make great gifts and help solve quite a few issues. I could see the entire line being included in a bridesmaid gift package, or individually put in to stockings for the holidays. You can purchase these products in so many places. Check out the website for specific locations.

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