Jabra Vox Headphones — Comfortable & Portable Sound

The Jabra Vox headphones are comfortable in-ear headphones with volume control on the cord.

If you’re looking for a present for a friend or family member—something that is almost guaranteed to be both needed and wanted—the Jabra Vox headphones should be on your radar.

“Maximum sound meets maximum portability.”

The Jabra Vox headphones have Dolby® sound. . .don’t let their small size fool you!

My favourite features:

-tangle-free cord (there is a cool magnet that holds together the cords are the end with the headphones on them—making it difficult to tangle to cords)

-the paper-like pouch that they come in (with snap-close opening to keep the headphones secure inside)

-the curved headphones (comfortable for wearing in-ear)

Jabra Headphones

Being able to quickly grab these headphones to go for a short walk around the block or take a break from work has been so great. It’s so important that they don’t tangle, since I need to use them for such a short period of time during the day.

Jabra VOX Corded Stereo HeadphonesJabra Vox are available in both white and black. They are valued at $99 and available online at Amazon.com.

I received this set of headphones from Jabra Vox so that I could write this feature.

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